"i see things that nobody else sees."


2. + one +

"and that, my friends, is why mr. friedman is f*cking scary."
charlie grins, laughing as melanie glances towards his classroom worriedly, a frightened look on her face.

charlie elbows her in the side.

"c'mon, mel, he can't hear us. and anyways, why would he want to listen? we're total outcasts."

"losers," i chime in, smiling. charlie cocks one eyebrow.

"that's not what mom says," melanie shoots back as charlie cuts in to my answer.

"um, sorry barb, but you've got it good. you're not a loser," he says. i roll my eyes.

"hey. i take just as much sh*t from people as you guys do. and ironically, for having too much money in my family."
"that's true," melanie says.

an awkward silence fills the air as aaralyn hemmerson and her entire clique of plastic, flat-butted brats walk by, purses in hand.

"hey, doll," she says enthusiastically. a chorus of 'hello's pass through the group. she nods to charlie and melanie. "clown face, mela-scream, hey to you guys." her fake smile makes me want to barf. I glance at my friends worriedly. 

melanie's face is pale, and not just because of the makeup, and charlie is fiddling with the strings on his jacket.
"aaralyn, if this is about me buying you another starbucks, then no. i am not going to turn in to an official white girl." i look her up and down.

her mouth forms a bright pink o, her eyebrows furrowed.

"b*tch, excuse me? you're the one who's mom got a limo with a chauffeur just to take you to and from school. i can ride to school in a normal car like a normal person."

"well you certainly seem normal, don't you, in your red sports car. completely average." my heart rate speeds up as if i'm in a car slamming the gas with my eyes closed. my mouth is dry.

i just said that to aaralyn hemmerson.

she runs her tongue over her teeth, shifting her weight to her other bright pink, four inch high-heeled foot.

"listen here, you h*e. you can try to call me out because i saved up money for a sports car, but you can't deny that you've got a mansion, hella expensive clothes, and a virtually perfect family... like a barbie doll in her dollhouse."

i throw my hands up. "i'm sorry, but maybe you should leave my family and their money alone, because you have no idea what situations others might be facing." my voice shakes and tears well up in my eyes as a lump forms in my throat.

i turn and walk quickly down the green and blue tiled hall towards my locker, pushing past faceless, nameless, people.

how ugly it is, right there on the end of the row, a putrid, ugly, dark green. i grab the lock and put in my combination, wiping tears off my cheeks.

it pops open and I throw my pink and orange vera bradley backpack over my shoulder, and a sob escapes my throat. i collapse against the door, banging hard on it with my fists.

melanie and charlie run down the hall to me, sitting me down on the ground and hugging me.

"what a b*tch she is," charlie mutters, shaking his head.

"yeah, she really is. who even says that?"

i sob again, cradling myself. "she just wanted an audience to watch her take me down," i say through tears.

"pfft," charlie says. "aaralyn couldn't 'take down' a fly." he laughs.

melanie runs circles in my back as I calm down slowly, until there's nothing left but a couple of tears and quiet hiccups in the hall, echoing off the walls.

"guys, i'm so sorry... I d-didn't mean to.." 

"hush." mel cuts me off. "i probably would've done the same thing."

"you don't know..."

"i don't have to. i've had just about enough of her anyways."

we all stand up, book bags in hand. charlie and melanie make it halfway down the hall before turning around and seeing me standing there. charlie walks back and hugs me.

"it's okay, barbara bear. let's go. we'll go with mel and get some ice cream for you. forget her. she's a b*tch and, to me, deserves to die in a hole."

"you guys don't have to get me ice cream. i can get it for myself."






"yes, charlie."

"nope," he says, yanking me by the waist, struggling, down the hall.

"hey mel, we're buying ice cream for barb. and there's nothing she can do about it," he chants.

"agh, this is why i love you guys," i say as he puts me down. "y'all are irresistible."

is it wrong that i'm fangirling over my own chapter
i'm like ruining my life right now like i jUST WANT PERFECT FRIENDS, OKAY IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR.
so anyways this chapter was sh*t but enjoy it anyways.
~the magical pony that likes starbucks

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