Stay With Me

"Ashie?" I said
"yes Mere" Ashton said
"im leaving"
"what do you mean Merey"
" im moving to my dad's"
" no, please, stay with me, don't go!" I see tears roll down his face, sobbing I kiss his face and get in my mother's car"
"bye Ashie"
He sat there crying, helplessly


1. intro

Ashton and I were sitting in my backyard watching the sunset as we were talking about his two missing front teeth. I stared at him, thinking about how after tonight I wouldn't see him for 6 years. I already knew I was going to miss this boy so bad,  his adorable smile, personality, I already had some tears going down my face, Ashie couldn't see them.

Not only were Ashton and I best friends, but to top it off, we lived right next to each other and spent all of our free time together. I loved him and he loved me (in a best friend kind of way).


"yes Ashie?"

" is there just that one person that, when you think about them, it brightens up your whole day?'' he said smiling his cheeky smile

"yeah, a couple people actually.''

"like who?''

"you, my mother, so on."



We both smiled at each other and talked for a long time. We did flips and tricks on the trampoline and played in my tree house. My mother invited Ashton over for dinner, we ate pizza, and watched some movies on the couch and went back out.

"come on honey" my mother yelled

"wait a minute" I replied

" see you tomorrow?'' Ashton said

"no, not tomorrow"

"why not?"

"Ashie?" I said

"yes Mere." Ashton said

"i'm leaving"

"what do you mean Merey?''

"i'm moving to my dad's"

" no, please stay with me, don't leave!"

" Ashie, I have to, im sorry,"


"I HAVE TO LEAVE ITS NOT MY CHOICE!! I responded "you have to  forget about us and move on, Ashie!"

His sobs were getting louder and louder.

" goodbye Ashie"


and that was it

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