What Life Is Like ?

Cleyton Finds That His Life Is Destroyed What Will He Do To Find Out What His Life Is Like


1. New Start

It Was The New School Year. Cleyton Had Forgot About Middle School He Told Himself  It's  A Fresh Start In High School . Cleyton Went To Class Met New Friends. It Was Hard But He Kept His Cool. Cleyton Met A Friend  Named  Ana. They Talked About  Anime And Favorite  Things To Do.  A Few Days Past And Cleyton Met A Girl  Named  Aly White. Cleyton Went Up To Aly And Was Like Hey What's  Up ? My Name  Is Cleyton What's  Yours ? Aly Introduced  Herself  And Gave Her Numbe To Cleyton . Cleyton Blushed  As He Walked Back To His Friend  Ana. Ana Asked How The Talk Went With Aly. Cleyton  Sa Good A Little  Nerve Racking.

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