Stockholm Syndrome

A capture bonding between a male Brit and a teenage girl.


Ava Smith has always loved having some adventure and fun in her life, but one day after she gets kidnapped by a mysterious Brit, will Ava ever learn to love risks and adventures? Or will she end up becoming a quiet, scared girl?


7. 6

A/N Comment as you read along 'cause your reactions are life! Lol. Also I just made a pillow and named him Roberto, Louis and I made him, but he's got Zayn eyes! Hahaha, I'm so weird.


I've been searching city streets
Trying to find the missing piece like you said
And I say child don't need to cry
There's not a single thing that's wrong with my mind
Yeah, I'm tired of tryna be normal
I'm always over thinking
Driving myself crazy
So what if I'm f*cking crazy
And I don't need your quick fix
I don't want your prescriptions
Just cause you say I'm crazy
So what if I'm f*cking crazy
Yeah I'm gonna show you

We then stop and notice how the sky is now dark and the moon is coming out. I sigh and say, "I hope you like camping Azalea."

"Without a tent? We have to sleep on the floor?" she asks in disgust. She always hated bugs, especially butterflies. She has a huge fear of butterflies and it's all thanks to Spongebob Squarepants. That one episode where Patrick and Spongebob had to watch Sandy's pets was a total nightmare for Azalea when we were younger.

"We can sleep on some big tree branches." I say.

"Oh God, I think I'll take the ground instead." she says as I nod. We then head over to a big tree and sit on the floor with our backs against the tree.

I close my eyes and say, "Nite Aze."



Ava's POV

I see a reddish color burn my eyelids, as I open my eyes, but once I do I immediately regret it. I was in a van with my hands and legs tied up and my mouth taped shut.

As I frantically look around I see Azalea sitting next to me, who was still sound asleep with her head resting on my shoulder. Her mouth was also taped shut, but she was handcuffed rather then tied up like me. As I look away from her I see a pissed off Harry driving the van, and Louis sitting in the passenger seat. He had sunglasses on, but I could still see the angry flames light up his cerulean eyes. 

Aze and I were practically in the back of the van, more like the trunk. In the middle were three other boys that I didn't recognize. I pretended to look asleep as I noticed the one with the buzz cut turn his head back.

"I can't believe they were able to sleep through that kidnapping." he said in a really fast british accent. I kept my eyes shut and tried to breathe at a normal and steady pace. I then heard a raspy loud laugh and realized it was the blonde one. He then opened his mouth and said, "We didn't even have to use any drugs on them! They must've been dead tired."

Was that an irish accent? Probably was.

"Of course they were you leprachaun, they appeared to have hiked a seven mile trail at a brisk pace." said the one with quiffed raven black hair.

Harry then abruptly stopped the van making Azalea wake up. I opened my eyes so they wouldn't be suspicious on why I wasn't going to open my eyes. I then notice panic run across Azalea's face as tears formed in her eyes.

"Will you please shut up? I'm thinking of their punishments for when we get back!" shouted Harry in frustration. My eyes widened in fear as I started making muffled screams at them.

"Zayn get them to shut up!" commanded Harry as the 'Zayn' guy turned around and said, "Be quiet!"

"Not helping Zayn." said Harry as he started driving at a fast pace. Louis then looked at them and said, "Niall why don't you call up the girls and tell them we're almost home." The blonde guy (AKA Niall) then nodded as he put a phone to his ear and waited for someone to pick up. Louis then turned to Mr. Buzzcut and said, "Liam why don't you calm them down a little."

At first I thought what Louis meant was to hit us or drug us, but instead it turned into Liam singing softly to us. I then start to move my mouth and bite into the tape. I start to quickly chew it off as I bite it into my mouth and spit it out.

"Let us go!" I shouted with a few tape bits left at the corner of my mouth.

"Haha how about no?" joked Harry in an annoyed tone. I rolled my eyes at him, but then saw him give me a death glare through the small mirror. He then starts to slow down the driving as Louis turns around and says, "Louis tape up Ava's mouth, it looks like there are cops around the area."

Zayn then turns around and abruptly tapes my mouth shut as I give him an icy cold glare. He then gives me the 'sh' sound with his finger and shows a gun. Meaning if I don't keep quiet then I am so dead. I slightly nod my head and lower my seating position.

The car then stops as Harry rolls down his window and says, "Problem officer?"

The officer then coughs a little and says, "Oh nothing we just wanted to know if you knew anything about two girls being kidnapped."

Harry then fakes a gasp as he says, "Kidnapped?"

"Yeah, apparently they were on there way to a festival nearby, which ended yesterday. Only thing is they never returned home, and we found the girl's van with all their stuff in it except the girls themselves." explains the officer. I wanted to scream so loud and be free, but I knew I would get my brains blown up if I did, so I have to keep my mouth shut.

"That's terrible sir! If there's anything we can do to help please let us know!" he says as I roll my eyes at his apparently really good acting. The officer then nods his head and says, "Will do, son. Now go on along and be careful out there."

Harry nods his head and starts to drive again, as I huff out of annoyance. Fuck my life.


We finally made it back to hell and the boys hopped out of the car. The three boys walked to the house as Louis and Harry opened the trunk. Harry came up to me with his face just inches away from mine, and slowly takes the tape off making sure his green eyes never leave mine. Once the tape is fully off he gives me a sloppy kiss and grabs the hat on my head. He smirks into our kiss and I break it as I move back in utter disgust.

"My hat. " he says as he points at the black hat. I groan and roll my eyes at him as he laughs and plops the hat onto his head. Louis just stands there carrying Azalea's squirming body, with a smirk slapped across his face.

"Move along. Nothing to see here Lou." he says as Louis nods and walks into the house with a crying Azalea. Harry then reaches forward and carries me bridal styles as the van automatically closes and locks up on its own. He then enters the house as Liam closes the door behind us and walks away.

"Tsk tsk, and to think I was going to let you sleep without being tied up." whispered Harry as I just glared at his chest, which you could see since he didn't bother to button up his top all the way. He had two bird tattoos and once that appeared to be a butterfly?

"Well I know that I'm going to have so much fun with you tonight." he whispers against my ear as he bites on the earlobe. I flinch and scream out loud, while a tear runs down my cheek. He then smirks and says, "I'm sure Louis will do the same with Azalea."

I started to squirm in his arms as he laughed and walked upstairs to his room. He then opens his bedroom door and tosses me onto his bed as I cry for help. My eyes then widen as I feel something on my wrist. My pocket knife and pepper spray! I can't believe I forgot about those!

I slowly try to reach for them and grab my pocket knife, while Harry opens his drawers and looks for something.  I then open up the knife and start to slowly cut the ropes on my wrists and ankles. My ankles were free and my wrists were almost there.

Harry then walks out of the room and closes the door behind himself as I cut my wrists free. I then get off the bed and decide to make a new plan, but by the time I do Harry walks back in. He doesn't notice my weapon, he just stands there shocked, but soon reacts as I plunge the knife towards him. He moves out of the way so I would miss him. I found this as my chance to run, but as soon as I try to move he pushes me down by tackling me and putting my hands behind my back. He then grabs a pair of handcuffs from the night stand near us and cuffs me up.

He then carries me as he sits on the cold metal chair and smirks at me. "I think I'll go a little easy on your punishment." he says as I say, "Please, don't hurt me."

He then puts his hand on the skirt of my dress and lifts it up, I start to shout at him to 'let go', but nothing works. He then notices my lacy kind of underwear, which don't judge me for! I was hoping I'd meet a really cute band member at the festival and get laid for once, so don't judge!

He smirks at me and says, "Kinky little girl, aren't ya?"

"Shut up!" I shout at him as heat rushes to my cheeks. As he just smiles and chuckles at my little embarrassing moment. He then runs my underwear slowly down and begins to spank my ass hard.

"Ow! Please stop!" I scream as he just continues to spank me.

After ten spanks he finally stops and lifts my underwear back up and pulls the skirt of my dress back down as tears roll down my eyes, from the pain. I'm pretty sure a purple bruise is going to be left on my ass for a week, maybe two.

"I hate you." I say as he stares at me intently and gently puts me on his bed. He brings his face real close to mine and says, "I don't."




Xx TommosFallen_Angel

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