Stockholm Syndrome

A capture bonding between a male Brit and a teenage girl.


Ava Smith has always loved having some adventure and fun in her life, but one day after she gets kidnapped by a mysterious Brit, will Ava ever learn to love risks and adventures? Or will she end up becoming a quiet, scared girl?


4. 3

"They are sexy and dangerous, but not beautiful because beautiful describes a woman's appearance not a mans." she says. Oops! Must of said that out loud.

"A guy can be called beautiful too!" I shout in protest as she just laughs it off.

"Anyways do you want to grab anything else or should we head out?" I ask as she thinks for a moment.

"I think it's best if we leave now, if we want to get to the festival by tonight." she explains as I nod my head in agreement.

"Let's go." I say as we stand up and leave the store. As we walk towards our van in the big parking lot I start talking.

"Why the hell did you park our van so far away?" I ask as I wait for her response. All I hear is a hmph sound and some mumbling. Out of fright I turn around to see that Azalea is nowhere to be seen.

Being the worry type of person that I am, the first thing I do is panic and start screaming, "Azalea!"

My breathing starts to get slow and heavy as I scream again, "Azalea! Where are you?"

"Ava!" I hear her scream. I still couldn't see her, but I could tell she is near the store.

As I run closer to the store I hear her scream, "Ava run to the van now! Run!"

I decide whether I should run for my life or to save my friend or not. What the fuck? Of course I'm going to save my friend no matter what!

I run towards the store, but I don't enter it. I know she's not in there, but somewhere around the building. "I don't get it..." I mumble to myself as I constantly look around my surroundings.

"The only thing out here is that black van." I continue as realization hit me in the face. I swiflty turned around to see a man wearing a black ski mask spray something in my face. I start to cough and feel dizzy out of nowhere. Before I am completely knocked out I say, "Aze help..."

I was taken over by complete darkness.


Ava's POV

"Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I was awaken by the sound of a high pitched scream. I opened my eyelids, but I still couldn't see for something was covering my eyes.

"Aaaahhhhh! Help!" screamed the voice again. It sounded familiar, and it was a feminine voice, the sound was also very close to me, as if the person was right next to me.

"Aze! Aze is that you?" I shouted as I gulped with fear and relief.

"Ava?" she asked with a shocked tone.

"Aze! It's me!" I began to cry tears of j.oy. I found my best friend after all, the only problem was we were still kidnapped and now being held hostage.

"Aze, listen to me. We are going to get out of here. I promise..." I started as I heard her steady breathing.

"Okay. Okay I believe you." she says with a shaky breath. After that it was complete silence and darkness. I would try to take the blindfold off, but it appears that my hands have been tied to something.

"Why would they kidnap us?" asks Azalea, breaking the dark silence.

"I don't know..." I reply. Probably for money or to have some sex slaves, but I would never tell her that for I am way to scared to find out her reaction.

"Help!" she began to scream. I rolled my eyes at how she was handling the situation, but decided to join her. If you can't beat them, then might as well join them.

"Help!" we both started to scream as loud as we could.

"Somebody get us out of here!" I shouted as I started to shake in my seat. I noticed I was on something plush and comfortable, like a mattress. I need to get out of this uncomfortable position and find a way out of here.

"You bitches come and untie us before I do it myself!" I shout as Azalea starts to cry.

Right after I said that I heard a door unlock and creak open. Footsteps were then heard after that as they came closer and closer to me. I felt someone's breath on my neck, as I held mine trying not to cry or let a sound out of me.

"You should really learn to keep quiet." said a deep raspy voice. I felt goosebumps rise as I felt his hands take off my blindfold. Once off he takes a step into the light. He looked nothing like I was expecting. He looked around my age, with brown, swept back, curly hair and peircing green eyes. It appeared that he also had tattoos on his arms and tanned chest.

He then walked over to where Azalea was sitting and took her blindfold off. She kept quiet and didn't make a sound, while I on the other hand began to shout, "Where are we? Why are we here? I demand answers now!"

Slap! My cheek started to sting a little, but I showed no fear. Instead I furrowed my eyebrows and glared at him as he grabbed a chair and sat down on it. He made himself comfortable and stared at me, as if I were an open book for him to read.

"First off, I can only give demands..." he said as he pointed his index finger at me.

"Second you are in Homes Chapel Cheshire..." my eyes widened when he said that. Azalea and I are from Bradford, we were in a total different area, someplace far away from our families and friends.

"And third welcome to your new home." he said as I started to shake my head. No, this can't be happening. Dad should've given me the gun instead of a stupid pocket knife and pepper spray. Wait! That appears to still be with me! I had hidden it in my boots and I can still feel it there.

"That didn't answer my third question you imbecile!" I spat as he just slouched in his chair and gave me an amused expression. I had to waste some time and hope he would leave so then I can make an escape plan.

He put his hands behind his head, and smirked as I tried struggling out of the ropes. I look over Azalea, to see her keep her down in shame and confusion.

"Tell us now!" she then shouted. My eyes widened at her outburst, but I soon hid my shocked reaction with a smirk.

He then stood up from his seat and said, "I would bitch slap you for raising your voice at me, but that's Louis job, for you belong to him."

"Louis? I don't want to be somebody elses punching bag! I want to go home!" cried Azalea as her face turned red in anger and fear.

"What's your name?" I spat, so then when I run to the cops I can tell them his name.

"Harry Styles also known as your owner." he said as he walked out of the room locking the door as he closed it.

"What have we gotten ourselves into?" I said as tears streamed down my face.

"We should've just kept on driving to the festival." said Azalea as I nodded my head in agreement.

"Don't worry I have a plan." I said to calm her down.

"And what would that be?" she whispered, hoping nobody was eavesdropping.

I look around the room to see a big window that showed a scenery of nature. We were probably in an abandoned house in the forest, but I'm sure we could find a road nearby.

"Well they'll eventually untie us..." I started as I continued thinking.

"I'll reach into my booth and use my pepper spray on him or this Louis guy..." her eyes widened in shock at first, but her face then turned into a huge grin.

"I'll then break the window with that stupid metal chair, and we'll just jump onto the tree branch right next to the window and climb down." I finished explaining in a hushed tone.

"Perfect plan. Just one problem." she says as I give her a confused look.

"What if they don't untie us?" she asks.

"Then I'll pretend to have the urge to pee, so then they'll untie me." I said.

"Yeah and reach into your boot to make them suspicious, brilliant plan." she says in a sarcastic tone.

"Or I would lock the bathroom door and also grab my knife and hide it in my jacket's sleeve." I say as she gives me a sheepish smile.

She then looks out the window and looks back at me. "We should get some sleep it appears to be late at night." she says as I nod my head in agreement. She then lays down and faces the window as I face the door. I could tell from the way she was breathing that she fell into a peaceful slumber. While I on the other hand couldn't get my eyes to blink out of fear.


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