Stockholm Syndrome

A capture bonding between a male Brit and a teenage girl.


Ava Smith has always loved having some adventure and fun in her life, but one day after she gets kidnapped by a mysterious Brit, will Ava ever learn to love risks and adventures? Or will she end up becoming a quiet, scared girl?


14. 13

A/N Okay so last time someone commented saying they wanted to know why my spanish teacher thinks I'm a miracle, and if you're interested keep reading this author's note. Okay so basically last Friday a group of friends and I had to do a skit, but we had this one kid in the group who never studies his lines and always makes the group get a low grade. Shocker, but my teacher gave us time to study in class and I literally forced the kid to learn his lines by heart. We then performed it ten minutes later, and my teacher was shocked that he knew his lines, and I explained to her why, and now she thinks I'm a miracle worker. Although I prefer the term Batwoman or Superwoman. BOW DOWN SPANISH TEACHER AND PEASANTS! MWUAHAHAHA! Lol XD

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"Do you by any chance know why they left you there?" he asked. I shook my head again and said, "We thought that they just wanted to rob us or rape us and leave us to die..." I explained.

"You weren't robbed, but were you raped?" he asked.

"That's where the story of the five boys begins..." I say as he rests his head on his hands and his elbows on the table. "Do continue?" he says as I nod.

"Azalea and I were walking throughout the forest until we found an abandoned house or so we thought. We knocked just in case and that's when one of the boys opened the door and asked if we were okay..." I started.

"They took us in and treated kindly as if we were their own family." I said with a small grin.

"Did they ever harm you?" asked the chief. I shook my head, not wanting to admit the time Harry spanked my ass ten times. "No, but they bought us pregnancy tests to see if we were raped, luckily we weren't..." I explained.

"Anything else?" he asks.

"We stayed with them until you found us, but I assure you they didn't hurt us." I said as he nodded his head. He then closed the file and stood up and I along with him. He gives me a hand shake and says, "That's all for now, but we must also question your friend. We'll let you know if anything else happens."

"Do you think we could visit the boys?" I asked as he said, "Just wait 'til tomorrow we also need to figure more out."

I nodded my head a little disappointed that I couldn't visit Harry and the others. I wonder if the girls were also arrested. I then walked out of the room and saw Azalea walk in, she noticed me and gave me a small nod as she entered the room.

I then get tackled to the floor and feel a bunch of hugs around me. I groaned as I noticed my parents standing there saying, "Well find those idiots who kidnapped you." said my mother as she sobbed. I started to get annoyed with her and finally got out of the hug.

"i'm fine..." I said as my parents nodded and followed me out of the station.


Azalea's POV

"That's all?" asked the chief as he carefully looked at me. I nodded my head and agreed to the story I had just finished telling him. It was the same exact story that Ava told the chief just put into my own words. Though it seems like the chief doesn't want to believe me for he keeps asking if I was sure or not about the story.

"Alright. Can you please have Ava come back to the station?" asked the chief to another cop, who just nodded and walked out of the room. My hands which were crossed opened up as my mouth dropped and I said, "What's going on?"

"You and your friend will be having a lying test." said the chief as he stood up from his seat and grabbed his files. I then stood up and said, "Why? We told you everything."

"Are you sure about that?" he says as he walks out of the room leaving me there to worry.


"Get your hands off me you greasy cop!" shouted Ava as some cop walked her into the station. I sat in the waiting room with a cup of coffee in my hand as I looked through my phone, which was gladly returned to me.

"Hey..." says Ava as she rubs her hands on her pajama bottoms and sits next to me. My eyes widened at the fact that she was in her pajamas and she came to the station this early in the morning.

"They didn't let you get dressed or wash up?" I asked as looked at me and said, "No, they just knocked on the door and headed up to my room dragging me here."

"What the actual fuck? I swear it's like the chief actually wants to get them arrested." I mutter as I pout and look back at Ava. She looked deep in thought, but soon broke out of it as she asked, "You think we can visit them now?"

I shrugged not really knowing since the chief dumped me here on this stupid bench. My parents haven't even showed up once since I've gotten back although knowing them they probably don't care.

Ava then sighs and gives me a hand. I gladly take it and walk up to one of the cops asking if we can visit the boys. He then nods and gestures us to follow him.


Ava's POV

We were lead to a room that looked like it had cubicles, but instead it was that one room where you visit prisoners. It had the glass wall with the phone hanging on it and a bunch of chairs. I sigh as I sit in one, while Azalea takes a seat in another. I grab the black phone and put it up against my ear as I wait for Harry.

A guard soon pushes him forward and slams him onto his seat. He was wearing an orange jumpsuit and his hair was out of place. The ends were sticking out and you can see the small peach fuzz growing above his lip. He looks up and his expression changes from a grumpy one to an excited one. He grabs the phone quickly and the first thing I hear is, "I missed you..."

"I missed you too Harry." I said with my eyes getting watery.

"Did they question you?" he asks.

I nod my head and tell him everything that happened. He understood how I lied about most of the story, and that he should be out soon.

"I don't get it, you told them the truth, but how come we're not out yet?" he asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

I then sighed as I ran my hand through my hair and said, "They think we're lying."

His eyes widened and said, "What?"

"They want us to do a lie detector test." I explained as he closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

He then pulls on his hair and yells, "Fuck!"

I then feel a tap on my shoulder to see a guard saying, "Mam, the chief wants to see your friend and you. Visiting time is over."

I then nod my head and say, "I'll see you soon, I love you..."

"I love you too..." he says as we hang up and head our own ways.


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