Stockholm Syndrome

A capture bonding between a male Brit and a teenage girl.


Ava Smith has always loved having some adventure and fun in her life, but one day after she gets kidnapped by a mysterious Brit, will Ava ever learn to love risks and adventures? Or will she end up becoming a quiet, scared girl?


2. 1

Ava's POV

"Wake up bitch, it's time to get ready." said Azalea as I groaned. We had both decided to sleep over at my house so then we can go to the Leeds Festival together. She came closer as I heard footsteps become louder, I then felt a smack on my bum. My eyes stayed shut as I groaned more and grabbed my pillow from underneath my head. I aimed it randomly, but heard her say, "Play nice!"

I opened my eyes and stretched my arms. I started rubbing the side of my head as I yawned and said, "Says the one, who smacked my ass."

She rolled her eyes at my comment and then walked out of my room. I got up as I walked over to my duffel bag and filled it with random clothing. I knew I shoulld've packed sooner, but oh well. Once done packing, I run over to my closet and grab my black dress with my my black combat boots. I then run to my bed and put on some black tights and my outfit on. Once done I enter my bathroom and brush my teeth and wash my face. I decided not to wear makeup, mostly 'cause I can't stand it. Every time I wear makeup I always want rub it off my face. I then grab my hair brush and open up my tangled brown hair. I then grab my hairtye and tie it into a messy braid. I walk out of my bathroom and grab my brown jacket off the hanger. I also walk over to my desk and grab my flower crown and gently put it on my head.

By the time I finished everything, Azalea bursts into my room and holds a tray in her hands. "I brought food!" she cheered as my eyes focused on the delicious food.  The tray carried two cups of coffee and two plates with pancakes topped with whipped cream and fruit. As Azalea sits on the bed and starts eating her breakfast I zip my duffel bag closed. I then hang it over my shoulder and sit next to her on my bed. I grab my cup and plate and start devouring the food.

I heard a few little giggle come from Azalea and asked, "What?"'

She took a sip of her coffee and said, "Remember how in freshman year people thought I was a lesbian."

I started laughing as I remembered that all the girls at my school wouldn't come near Azalea 'cause they thought she was a lesbian. "Well you did give them that idea..." I said with a smirk.

"How?" she laughed out.

"The fact that you constantly smacked my bum and call all our girl friends babe." I explained as we continued to laugh.

"Good point." she says as I give her a sheepish smile and a thumbs up.

"Remember when I had to do a report about Stockholm Syndrome, and all the guys thought it would be funny to 'kidnap' the girls just to see if they would get it." I said as Azalea rolled her eyes and said, "That was a dark time for us females."

"Well we were thrown into sacks and blindfolded." I said as Azalea nodded her head in agreement.

The rest of breakfast was quiet, until Azalea looked at her phone and said, "We better get going."

I nodded my head and stood up with my duffel bag still hanging on my shoulder. "Don't want to be stuck in traffic." I said as we walked downstairs.

I notice that my mom was washing the dishes in the kitchen, while my dad was reading the newspaper by the counter. "Bye guys, were on our way!" I said in a cheery tone as my parents looked over at us and smiled. My dad then walked up to us and handed me the pepper spray and pocket knife so I can use for protection. Like I'm going to need it...

"Thanks dad, anyways bye and love you guys!" I said as both Azalea and I walked out of the house. My parents smiled and waved a goodbye as we walked down the front porch and entered our Volkswagen van. I sat in the passenger seat and throw my bag to the back. I then take out my phone and plug it into the car so we can listen to music.

"Leeds Festival here we come!" said Azalea as she started the engine. I put my seatbelt on and we drove out of the driveway and onto the main street. I was excited to go to the festival, but yet at the same time I feel like something horrible is going to happen.

"You look worried, is the music bothering you?" asked Azalea as I realized that St. Patrick by PVRIS was playing.

"No, I'm good." I say as she shrugs her shoulders and continues drive. I look outside my window to see it's drizzling, I then look back and turn up the volume as the lyrics start coming along.

I know it's chemicals that make me cling to you.
And I need a miracle to get away from you.
I know it's chemicals,
and I need a miracle,
And I'm not spiritual
But please stay,
'Cause I think you're a saint and I think you're an angel.

I said,
You give me something to talk about, something to talk about.
I said,
You give me something to think about that's not the shit in my head.
You're a miracle.
You're a miracle.
A miracle.

Transparent hands were at my neck,
But I love the way you let me breathe instead.
Take in your chemicals,
You are a miracle,
And I'm not spiritual,
But please stay,
'Cause you're a glimpse of bliss, a little taste of heaven.

I said,
You give me something to talk about, something to talk about.
I said,
You give me something to think about that's not the shit in my head.
You're a miracle.
You're a miracle.
A miracle.

I need a miracle to bring me back to you.
I know you're gone now but I still wait for you. 

I tapped my hands on my thighs as the music kept going, moving my head along to it. The song then ended and I sighed saying, "So any boyfriends lately?"

"No, not yet." said Azalea with a smirk.


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