Emma Dursley

*completed* I'm Emma Dursley. Yup, that's right. I'm Dudley Dursley's daughter. My mother is Jenny Dursley. I've always had strange things happen to me. I've been told that I'm just weird, but I think it's more than that. I think, I'm different.


2. Two


"Ginny! I'm back!" He called into the seeming empty house. He called it 12 Gimmauld Place. A woman walked down the stairs. Three kids rushed behind her. "Oh, hullo! Are you Emma?" The woman asked. She had long red hair and green eyes. "Who's she, mum?" one of the boys asked. He looked like the oldest. "I'm Emma," I said, "Emma Dursley." They gasped. "It's a Dursley!" The oldest said. "I'm not like my father," I said. "Oh good. I'm James Potter," the oldest said. "I'm Lily!" The youngest piped. She looked just like her mother. "I'm Albus," the middle one said quietly. They looked friendly enough. 

"Emma, here's your letter," Harry said. I was sharing a room with Lily. I took the letter up to our room and read it. (A/N I'm not going to write it.) He was right! I was a witch! 

I saw Lily writing on some parchment. "Who're you writing to?" I asked. "Someone," she replied. I didn't know.





"Come on kids! We're going to Diagon Ally!" Ginny said. We all raced down the stairs. I was starting at Hogwarts, so was Albus. Lily was going the next year. 

We got out things and I found my wand and owl the most interesting. My owl was a tawny owl with blue eyes. My wand was holly with dragon heartstring core, 9 1/2 inches, flexible. According to Harry, Mr. Ollivander had died many years ago. But he had a daughter. "Welcome to Ollivanders Wands!" She greeted. "I'm Anna, who's looking for a wand?" she asked. Albus' wand was mahogany, 11 inches, unicorn hair core, firm. 

Anna looked at me and said, "I've been wondering when I'd see you Miss Potter." "No, I'm not Lily. I'm Emma." "Yes. Emma Potter." "No, Emma Dursley." She rolled her eyes and pulled out a willow and phoenix wand. It didn't work. Not at all.

27 wands later, she found the holly and dragon heartstring one. 


"Let's go!" Harry said. Some people had spotted him and started screaming and running after him. Some girls, to be exact. Lily had gotten some new dress robes, she needed them for some reason. 

"Emma, would you like to be a Potter?" Ginny asked me. "Yes!" I replied eagerly. 


Harry and Ginny (and me) filled out some paperwork at the Ministry of Magic, and I was a Potter. 
Harry wrote to Dudley about it.


Hullo! I hope you don't mind that your daughter, Emma, is now a Potter.


Dudley replied. It said, 


How dare you! You lost me my slave- I mean, daughter!

I knew I was a slave to them! All I did was cook and clean! 

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