Emma Dursley

*completed* I'm Emma Dursley. Yup, that's right. I'm Dudley Dursley's daughter. My mother is Jenny Dursley. I've always had strange things happen to me. I've been told that I'm just weird, but I think it's more than that. I think, I'm different.


4. Four

"I am Headmistress McGonagall," she started. Oh. Not head of Slytherin. See, wrong again. "In a moment you will pass through these doors and join your Housemates. But before that, you will be sorted into your House. Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Slytherin," she said. "I'll come get you when we are ready," she said. 

"So, the famous Emma Dursley has come to Hogwarts," a voice said. I whipped around to see the owner. It was a girl, she had platinum blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. "I am Maya Malfoy. My mother is Astoria Malfoy and my father is Draco Malfoy," she said. "My stupid brother, Scorpius, is here too," She said. "Scorpius is not stupid!" Rose said. I forgot she was in my year. "Hey Scorpius, I think you have a girlfriend," Maya said. "Shut up, Maya," he muttered. 

"We're ready for you," McGonagall said. Thank goodness she came in when she did. 
Astoria strutted in, and her friends followed her. I fell in behind Rose, who was, of course, behind Scorpius. 

The hat sung it's song and we started the sorting. 

"Abbott, Josie," McGonagall said. A girl walked up and I recognized her as Hannah Abbott's daughter. But she was married to Professor Longbottom. She must have a sister, I thought. 
"Hmm... HUFFLEPUFF!" the hat shouted. She smiled and hopped over to her House table. 

"Bell, Jackie," McGonagall called. A girl bounced up, I was sure she was a Hufflepuff. 

"What do we have here?" The hat said quietly. "RAVENCLAW!!!" She looked really happy.

"Bellis, Jake."      A boy waltzed up, he looked like a Slytherin. 

"Hmm... Slytherin!" Called it!

"Cassidy, Haley."

"Gryffindor!" She smiled and walked over.

"Dari, Alicia,"


"Furgison, Casey."

The sorting went on and on and on, and finally the name "Potter, Albus" was called. I straightened up and listened carefully. "GRYFFINDOR!!!!" He looked happy. 

"Potter, Emma." I jumped up, and practically ran up to the hat.

"Hmm.... GRYFFINDOR!!"

Again, the sorting went on and on and on, then "Weasley, Rose," was called. She was the last one. 

"Another Weasley?! How many of you are there?" The hat joked. "Gryffindor!" It laughed. 

"Now that the sorting is over, the feast will begin!" 

We ate and talked.


I realized that Maya was in Slytherin (I fell bad for them) and Scorpius was in Gryffindor. Great. Just great. Now I'll have to listen to Rose talking about him all day long...

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