Emma Dursley

*completed* I'm Emma Dursley. Yup, that's right. I'm Dudley Dursley's daughter. My mother is Jenny Dursley. I've always had strange things happen to me. I've been told that I'm just weird, but I think it's more than that. I think, I'm different.


5. Five

"Girls, your dorms are to the left. Boys, same, but to the right," Dominique said. She was the Gryffindor Prefect. And Victoire was Head Girl. I have allot to live up to. 

"Your things are already in your dorms. You can go to bed now," Dom said. 

I sprinted up to my dorm and fed Elaine. She has to be fed every hour. Eating disorder. She has to be hand fed too. "Are you okay Ellie?" I asked. She hooted twice in reply. She was okay. I had trained her that one hoot is that she's not okay, two is that she is, and three is she doesn't know. Four is she's hungry. 


"I'm Rose," Rose said. We were introducing ourselves. "I'm Haley," the blonde haired, browned eyed girl said. "I'm Casey," the brown haired, blue eyed girl said. "I'm Claire," the blonde haired, blue eyed girl said. "I'm Emma," I said. "Now that we know each other, we should tell everyone someone that no one knows about us," Haley said. "Okay," Casey agreed. "Can I go first?" Rose asked. Everyone said okay, so she did. "I think I'm in love with Scorpius Malfoy," she said. "What!?" Claire said. "Yeah! He's SO cute!!!" She rambled on about him and we ignored her. "I'll go," Claire said. "I love to sing," she said. "I'll go!" Haley shouted. "I think Albus Potter is hot," she said. "My brother?" I asked. "What?! Your brother is Albus Potter!?" "Well, my adopted brother. I am his cousin, but I was adopted by his parents. Now I guess I'm his sister." "Please don't tell him I think he's hot!" "I won't," I said. I was planning on it anyway. "I think Alicia Dari is hitting on my boyfriend!" Casey said suddenly. "Who's your boyfriend?" I asked. "Bane Jackson," she replied. "Cool," Alice said. Amy Jackson was also in our dorm. She was Bane Jackson's twin sister. "You don't care?" Casey asked. "Nope!"Amy replied. "I think Josie Abbott is hot," Amy said. "Um... Okay," Haley said. "I'll go," I said. "I know that Callie Brown is hitting on my brother James," I said. They all gasped. "What?" "Callie is my girlfriend," Amy said. "Oh my," I said. 


"I'm going to bed," I finally said, after the 12th round of Truth or Dare. The weirdest dare that I had gotten was to sleep in the 1st year Gryffindor boys dorm. I denied and had to tell who my crush is. I said, "I think Louis Hawthorn is pretty cute." 





"Is she dead?" A voice said. I remember going to bed at 4 in the morning. "I think so," another voice said.  I recognized it as Albus' voice. What was a boy doing in the dorm? "I woke up and she was like this!" Rose cried. I could tell it was Rose because she kind of sounded like Hermione, but her voice was higher. 

I could feel myself being carried somewhere. I tried to wake up, but I couldn't. "What happened?!" someone asked. "I don't know, Madame Pomfrey. I woke up and found her like this," Rose said. 

"I can fix her, but it won't be easy," Madame Pomfrey said. "Can you wake her up?" A voice said. It was the one I heard before Albus. "Yes. I can-" "When will she be awake!" The same voice said. "Calm down, Scorpius," Albus said. It was Scorpius! Wait, what?! "Later today. Or, if you leave me alone and stop asking questions in an hour." They left and that left me alone. I could only hear. Not see, or move. "What happened?" Madame Pomfrey said quietly. She used a spell to wake me up and I could see and talk again! But not move. I looked down at my body and screamed at what I saw...

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