Our Story

The story of two teenagers who fall in love. But one of them is hiding a life changing secret. One that will effect their whole relationship.


9. Chapter 8

I woke up to 5 new text messages. 2 were from Nash and the other 3 were from Cam. I yawned as I opened the first one 
'Ari? X'
'I'm really sorry.. Please talk to me...'
'Arianna, I hate that I've made you mad. Please forgive. Or at least reply? C x'
I decided to reply to him. 
'I was really annoyed at what you done Cam, it was totally unacceptable to go through my private stuff. But I've already got over it, as long as it never happens again. A x'
Now to check Nash's. 
'Ari, text me when you're up xxx'
'Ari it's 1pm.. Seriously how are you still asleep? 😂 xxx'
I laughed before replying. 
'1pm is early for me... 😳 xxx'
I set my phone back on the table and climbed out of bed. I headed to the bathroom and put the shower on. I checked the temperature before climbing in. Once I was washed and clean I wrapped a towel around my body and headed to my closet to find an outfit for today.
I decided on and pair of black leggings with a long sleeved crop top. I looked at my self in the mirror and decided to change my leggings for a black skater skirt. I then grabbed my all black converse and slipped them on. I stood up and pulled my hair up into a ponytail which fell down my back. I stole one more glance at my reflection before nodding my head.

Once I was done I checked my phone. 2 texts 1 missed call. The call was from Nash so I rung him back. 
"Hey" I beamed when he answered
"Hey" he replied
He sounded ill again. 
"Is everything ok?" I asked
"Yeah course" he lightly chuckled
"Are you sure?" I bit on my fingernails 
"Positive" he assured
I still wasn't convinced. 
"What's up?" I asked deciding change the subject
"I was gonna ask to hang, but my mum just told me I have an appointment at 3" he replied
"For what?" I asked
"Um.. It doesn't matter" he mumbled
"Nash? Is everything ok?" I was getting worried now
"Yeah, look I got to go" he rushed before hanging up
I was beyond confused. I decided to ring Cam instead. 
"Hey, Ari look..." He began
"Cam it's fine. I forgave you, lets just forget about it" I interrupted 
"Ok, great....thanks" he thanked
"What are you doing?" I asked
"Nothing, why?" He replied
"I'll be outside yours in 5 minutes" I answered before hanging up
I headed downstairs and out the front door. I climbed into my black jeep and started the engine before pulling out of my driveway. 
I beeped as I pulled up outside Cams house and watched as he come running out. He opened the passenger door and climbed inside. 
I started driving but my mind was elsewhere. I couldn't get over how weird Nash had acted with me. 
"Earth to Ari" I heard faintly, snapping me back to reality
"Oh yeah?" I frowned
"Are you ok?" He asked concerned 
"No" I sighed 
"Pull over" he ordered 
I sighed and indicated left. I drove into the small side lane and let the tyres crumble the gravel beneath before pulling to a stop. 
"What's wrong?" He asked once I stopped
"Nash" I sighed
"What's he done" he rolled his eyes 
"I don't know" I admitted
"What?" He slightly chuckled
"He just acted really weird with me" I shrugged
"How?" He frowned
"He said he wanted to hang, but he had an appointment, but he wouldn't tell me what for and then he just hung up" I explained
I looked up and studied Cams face... He knew something.
"Tell me" I demanded 
"It's not my place" he fired back
"Omg.... he's seeing someone else isn't he" I threw my hands in the air
"No don't be stupid" he laughed
"Cam... this is funny" I snapped
"I know, I'm sorry" he apologised 
"Please, just tell me" I begged
"Ari I ca.." He began
"Cam!" I begged cutting him of
"He's just abit ill" he sighed 
That was it? He was just ill. I felt a huge wave of relief flood over me, which would soon drown me.

*1 month later*

Me and Nash have been dating for a little over a month now. I went round to his house that day when Cam told me he was just a bit ill and saw him. He did look ill, but he reassured me everything was fine, and I believed him, I didn't really have any reason not too.

"Ari. are you there?" Nash waved his hand in front of my face, breaking me from my trance.

"Yeah sorry, I was just thinking" I nodded

"Is everything alright?" he asked

"Yeah. Fine" I lied

"You sure" he frowned

"Positive" I nodded

"Would you like to go to the fair today?" he asked

"What fair?" I quizzed

"It's the town fair, it todays the last day" he smiled

"Sure" I returned his smile

"Great, do you want to go get ready, I'll wait here" he grinned

"Yeah sure" I nodded, pushing myself of the sofa

I headed up into my room and straight to my closet. I looked through all my clothes, contemplating on what to wear tonight. I wanted to try something a bit different, I usually wore the same, boring clothes.

I finally decided on a grey oversized knitted jumper along with a pair of black knee high heeled boots. I looked at my reflection for a rather long time before finally deciding it was acceptable. I ruffled a hand through my long hair which was cascading down my back. I grabbed a black floppy hat to complete the look along with a small black clutch with a shoulder chain. I placed the chain of the bag on my shoulder and placed my money and phone inside before heading back downstairs. 

Nash was in the same place that I had left him. I coughed to let him know I was here. He looked up from his phone and his facial expression change. His face was full of lust.

"You look beautiful" he awed, standing up

"Thanks" I blushed

He wrapped his arms around me and placed a gentle kiss on my lips.

"I can't believe I was lucky enough to get you" he grinned

"I was the lucky one" I shly smiled looking down at my feet
I felt as Nash placed his hands under my chin and pushed my head back up so that I was staring at him 
"Never" he whispered before kissing my lips once more 
Eventually we pulled away and I headed towards the front door. Nash slipped his hand in mine as I opened my front door. We headed to his car and climbed in. I grabbed his sunglasses of his head and put them on before smiling at him. 
"Hey" he laughed
"They look better on me" I joked
"True" he grinned
I giggled as he pulled out my drive. I rolled down my window and let the wind fly through my hair. Nash had the radio on and 'Stay With Me' by Sam Smith started playing. I lent forward and turned it up slightly before mindlessly singing along. It was only when the song had ended I realised Nash was staring at me. 
"What?" I frowned
"I just can't get over how amazing your voice is" he shook his head
"It's not that good" I shrugged 
"It is, believe me" he smiled
"Thanks" I returned the smile
I watched as we pulled into the fair car park. We got a spot quite close to the fairground before climbing out. I shut my door and walked round to Nash's side. He slid his hand in mine and we both made our way to the entrance. Nash paid for our tickets, even after I protested about wanting to buy my own. 
"Arianna?" Someone called 
I spun around to see Lacy, the biggest bitch at school aside from Holly, but they were like a duo anyways. I sighed as I realised it was her. 
"Lacy" I nodded
"What are you guys doing here" she snickered, eyeing up Nash
"Excuse me? It's a public fair?" I laughed
"I meant together" she snorted
"We're dating" Nash smiled at her
"Really" she laughed 
"Yep" he sounded irritated now
"Well tha.." She began
"Bye Lacy, we've got things to do" Nash waved as he pulled us into the opposite direction. I laughed as soon as we stopped. 
"Thankyou" I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck 
"Anytime" he grinned placing his hands on my hips 
"Ari!" Someone called interrupting mine and Nash's moment 
I looked over to see Cam walking over with his arm around Star. I raised an eyebrow as they stopped in front of us.
"Is this a date" I questioned 
"No" they both laughed
"Ok whatever" I nodded unconvinced 
"So what brings you guys here" Cam asked
"It's the last day of the fair, thought we would see what the fuss is about" Nash shrugged 
"There's not a lot really" Cam nodded
"Well Cam, I hate to sound rude but please do excuse us" I smiled
"What" he frowned
"I wanted to spend my time with Nash" I laughed
"Oh I see" he winked
"Oh don't be such a perv" I chuckled pushing past him
"Catch ya later" he called after us
"Pop into mine on your way home if you like" I called back
I watched him nod before heading of with Star. 
"So where too" Nash smiled at me
"How about the Ferris wheel?" I suggest 
"Sounds great" he grinned slinging his arm around my shoulder
We headed to the queue and got in line. There was only about a 5 minute wait before we were placed in a carriage. Nash wrapped his arm around me and I placed my head on his shoulder. The ride started and slowly we was taken into the air looking down on NC. 
"It's beautiful" I awed leaning forward
"It really is" Nash agreed 
I turned and smiled at him. He placed his hand on my face and stroked my cheek with his thumb before placing his lips onto mine. It felt so natural now. Our lips moved in perfect sync. It was probably our most romantic kiss yet. I smiled and pulled away. 
When we got of we went on a few more rides and then ended up in front of a stall. You had to throw the ball at the cans and knock them all over. Nash done it in his first go and let me choose the prize. I decided on the big panda bear. I smiled at Nash before we headed back to the car. I placed the bear in the back and closed the door. I looked up and couldn't see Nash. I scanned the half empty car park and there was no sign of him. I walked round to his side of the car and gasped. He was sat on the floor breathing heavily. 
"Nash?" I called 
I rushed to his side and bent down beside him. 
"Nash? What's wrong" I panicked 
"Just a bit breathless" he tried to grin
"Should I call someone?" I worried
"NO" he yelled
It made me jump and I nearly fell backwards when he said it. I looked down at the dirty gravel beneath us, unsure of what to do
"Sorry" he nodded
"Let's get you in the car" I decided 
I put his arm around my shoulder and helped him up. I helped him into the passenger side of the car before taking his keys and climbing in the driving seat. 
I turned the engine on and started the drive home. I stopped of at a gas station on the way to grab him a bottle of water. Before I continued home. I pulled into my driveway and turned the engine off. 
I quickly texted Cam and told him it was best if he didn't pop over tonight. 
"Are you ok?" I turned to Nash
"Yeah, just tired" he slowly nodded
"Do you... Do you want to stay?" I mumbled, I bit my lip as I waited for his reply
"Won't your farther mind?" He asked
"He's away for work, Ellie's in, but she won't mind" I explained
"If you don't mind" he nodded
"Of course not, should I ring your mom for you?" I offered
"Yes please" he smiled 
I quickly text his mom and she responded straight away saying it was fine. 
I opened the car door and Nash climbed out as well. I grabbed the stuffed bear from the back before heading inside. 
"Ellie?" I called
No answer. 
"Ellie?" I called again
Still no answer. 
"She must be out" I shrugged
"Wanna borrow something" I laughed at Nash
"Please" he smiled
I headed upstairs and grabbed a pair of tracksuit bottoms I had stole from him before. I quickly took my shoes off and changed into a loose flannel that rested just under my butt. I slipped Nash's sunglasses on the side before heading back downstairs. I threw the pants at Nash and sat opposite him. 
He stood up and undone his trousers and let them fall before slipping the pants on. He then pulled his top over his head and headed over to me. He held out his hand for me. I frowned before placing mine into his. He pulled me from the seat, into him. I smiled into his chest and we just stayed like that for moment. 
Nash turned and sat down in my seat before pulling me onto his lap. I slid down so I had mainly just my legs on him. And he rested his head on my shoulder while I played with his hair. 
"I was really worried" I broke the silence 
"I'm sorry" he sighed
"Nash... Is everything alright?" I asked
"Yeah" he nodded
"You know you can tell me right?" I mumbled
"I know.. It's just.. Never mind, it's complicated" he rushed
"Nash? What's wrong?" I frowned
"Nothing, can we please just forget it" he sighed
"If that's what you want" I whispered
"It is" he snapped
I stopped playing with his hair and sat in silence until he broke it. 
"I'm sorry for snapping, it just a really sensitive subject, I will explain everything to you when I'm ready" he apologised 
"Ok, and whenever that is, I'll be willing to help in any way" I smiled 
"Thankyou" he whispered
I turned the TV on and we watched a few episodes of friends until the front door flew open and Ellie walked in. 
"Shit" I grumbled
"Ari?" She called
"Here" I waved
"Oh, hello Nash" she smiled
"Hello Mrs Long" he smiled back
"It's late you know" she slightly frowned
"Yeah, urm actually I was wondering if Nash could stay?" I asked
"Oh, Urm sure, just no funny business, especially whilst I'm in the house" she warned
"Promise" I smiled
I stood up along with Nash and headed upstairs. 
"Goodnight El" I called back down
"Goodnight kids" she called back
"Kids" I muttered under my breath
I heard Nash snicker at my comment which made me smile. We walked into my room and I headed straight for my bed. I pulled back the covers and climbed in. I watched as Nash stood awkwardly at the end of my bed. 
"What are you doing? Get in" I laughed
"What?" He frowned
"Dude we are dating come on" I chuckled patting the space beside me
He hesitated before climbing in beside me. As soon as he laid down I snuggled over to him and rested my head on his chest and listened to his heart beat as he played with my hair. 
Within minutes I descended into a peaceful slumber.

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