Our Story

The story of two teenagers who fall in love. But one of them is hiding a life changing secret. One that will effect their whole relationship.


8. Chapter 7

"Oh because I've got the keyboard upstairs" I lied
"Ari, I know when you're lying" he raised his eyebrows 
"I just don't" I grumbled 
"I'm sorry" he apologise 
"Don't" I sighed
"Don't what?" He frowned
"Don't apologise" I mumbled
"My mum used to play it" I broke the silence
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't of asked" he began
"Don't apologise, you didn't know. My mum taught me to play, this is her piano, I haven't played it since she died" I informed
"How comes you played it today?" He asked 
"I don't really know, I was angry at Cam" I admitted
"Why?" He asked
"You ask a lot of questions" I chuckled 
"Sorry" he sheepishly grinned
"He went through my stuff" I explained
"What stuff?" He frowned
"My songbook" I mumbled
"Seriously?" He gasped
"Yeah, I was fuming. No one has ever read my songbook" I sighed
"I'm really sorry about him" he apologised 
"You should stop saying sorry" I laughed
"Sorry" he grinned, making us both laugh
I looked at him and smashed my lips against his. Eventually I pulled away. 
"Forgot to say hello" I smiled
"I like you hellos" he grinned showing his small dimple 
"I like this" I giggled poking his dimple 
"I like this" he laughed placing his whole hand over my face
I loved how we could go from having a serious conversation to joking around. 
"Are you going to forgive Cam" he asked
"Yeah I guess" I shrugged 
"I'm sure he didn't mean to invade your privacy" he nodded
"I guess" I agreed, standing up
I held out my hand which he grabbed. I pulled him up and led him into the front room. We both sat down on the couch and I put another episode of the walking dead. 
"I love this show" he smiled 
"So do I" I agreed
After the show I turned and faced Nash. 
"You still need to meet my dad" I mumbled while I played with his fingers 
"I know" he nodded
"What about tonight? For dinner?" I suggested
"I'd love too" he nodded
"Great, let me ring him" I informed
I stood up and grabbed my phone from the sighed. I dialled my dads number and waited for him to answer.
D - Hey Ari
M - Hey dad 
D - Whats up?
M - Well, I wanted you to meet Nash tonight 
D - That sounds great, but I might be working
M - Dad, please I never ask you for anything anymore, this is really important to me
D - I know sweetie, I'll make sure I'm home at 6 
M - Thanks Daddy
I hung up and turned round and smiled at Nash. 
"6 tonight" I smiled
"Great" he nodded
"IM HOME" Ellie's voice rang through the house 
"Hello Mrs Long" Nash called back
"Oh hello Nash" she smile entering the front room 
"Nash is meeting dad tonight" I informed her
"Oh that's great" she smiled
I glanced at the time quickly, 4:46. 
"I should get ready" I smiled
"I'll go" Nash nodded, standing up 
"I'll see you later" I giggled walking him to the door
"Yeah, Bye Mrs Long" he called over my shoulder before kissing me goodbye 
I waved him off before running up to my room. I jumped in the shower and washed my body. I got out and wrapped a towel around my body before brushing my teeth. I then walked over to my wardrobe. I finally decided on black leggings with a white peplum top with a gold bangle belt. I smiled at my reflection in the mirror and quickly ruffled through my hair which was cascading down my back in loose curls. I slipped on a pair of black high heels and made my way downstairs. I looked at the time 5:44. My dad should be home soon. Just as I sat down in the front room the front door opened. I jumped up and looked to see my dad walk through the door. 
I run over and wrapped my arms around him. 
"Thank you" I whispered in his ear
"Anytime sweetheart" he smiled back
My dad went upstairs to get changed and Ellie set up the table with my help. Once we was done the doorbell rang. I smiled and walked over to answer it. I pulled it open to reveal Nash standing in front of me in a black suit with two bouquet of flowers. White roses to be exact, my favourite. 
"You look beautiful" he gasped
"Thank you" I blushed
"For you" he smiled handing me one of the bouquets 
"Thanks" I grinned taking them from him and allowing him inside 
We walked into the kitchen and I watched as he greeted Ellie and handed her the flowers. She smiled and thanked him. I pulled out two vases and placed one in the middle of the table and set my flowers in it. 
I pulled out a seat and sat in it and indicated to Nash to take the one beside me. Just as he sat down my dad walked in, making Nash stand back up. 
"Hello Sir" he smiled holding out his hand
"Hello...Nash?" He questioned his reply 
"It's nice to finally meet you" he smiled at my dad
"You too, please sit" he smiled back
Nash sat back in his seat and my dad sat opposite him. Ellie placed plates in front of us all with an amazing looking dinner on it. 
"Thanks Ellie" I smiled
She smiled back before sitting next to my dad. 
"Mrs Long this looks amazing" Nash beamed
"Thanks Nash" she smiled back
"So Nash, how long have you known Ari?" My dad asked
"About 2 months?" He answered 
"And you're dating?" He frowned
"Well, yes sir" he stuttered
"I see" he nodded
"Dad" I warned
"I'm just asking" he shrugged 
"We've been really good friends for the last 2 months, we've only been dating a week" I helped Nash out
"Alright" my dad gave up
We are the rest of our dinner in a awkward silence. Once we were finished me and Nash helped Ellie with the dishes. 
"Nash?" My dad called
"Yeah" he answered
"Can I speak to you?" He asked
"Oh sure" he nodded following my dad out of the room
"Urgh. Why has he got to be so annoying" I groaned
After about 20 minutes they both returned.. Laughing? 
"Everything alright?" I frowned
"Everything's fine Ari, me and Nash here had a great chat" he smiled
"Oh.. Good" I nodded
"I should head home, it was great to meet you, and thanks for dinner Mrs Long" Nash smiled 
"I'll see you out" I smiled following him to the door
We both stepped outside and I shut the door behind me. 
"Was he rude?" I asked
"Not at all, he just warned me" he replied 
"Warned you?" I frowned
"To not hurt you blah blah, what all dads tell their daughters boyfriends" he smiled
"And then?" I asked
"And then we just spoke, he's pretty cool" he grinned
"Well why don't you date him" I joked 
"I just might" he grinned
I placed my hand over my chest and gasped. 
"I am hurt" I gasped
"I'm kidding, I have the most beautiful girl there is, I don't want nor need no one else" he smiled
I laughed before placing my lips on his. 
"Goodnight Nash" I waved goodbye
"Goodnight Ari" he waved back before disappearing into the night sky.
I smiled as I shut my front door. 
"Ari?" My dad called
"Yes?" I called back
"Come here" he replied
I sighed and made my way into the front room. I sat on the arm chair opposite my dad. 
"I like him" he smiled
"Really?" I grinned
"Yes, really" he nodded
"Thankyou daddy" I stood up and hugged him 
"Goodnight Ari" he smiled 
"Goodnight" I waved heading to my room. 
I changed into pjs and climbed into bed. That night I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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