Our Story

The story of two teenagers who fall in love. But one of them is hiding a life changing secret. One that will effect their whole relationship.


6. Chapter 5

I was so nervous about this 'date' with Nash. I was so worried about making a fool out of myself. I didn't want Nash to think I was a freak. I double checked my outfit one more time. I was wearing a black short sleeved crop top with a white short skater skirt and my white converse. I had no idea what me and Nash where doing so I didn't really know how to dress. I grabbed a black bow from my dressing table and tied up half my hair with it. Just as I grabbed my phone the doorbell rang. 
I raced down the stairs and answered the door before anyone else could. 
"Hey" Nash smiled 
"Hi" I shyly smiled back 
"You look beautiful" he motioned at my outfit
"Thanks" I smiled to myself 
"Shall we go" he asked 
"Ellie, I'll be back later" I called before shutting the door
We got in Nash's car and he started driving. We ended up on a huge grass hill. There was two big oak trees at the top which had fairy lights dangling down from them. 
"Did you do that?" I asked
"Yeah" he grinned
"It's beautiful" I awed
I watched as he placed a blanket down on the ground. Wait? Is this a picnic? I love picnics!!
"Sit" he nodded at the blanket 
I slipped my shoes of and placed them beside the blanket before sitting down on it. I watched as Nash brought over a picnic box. 
"I thought we could have a picnic" he smiled
"I'd love too" I grinned
He sat in front of me and placed the box in between us. He opened it and pulled out sandwiches, crisps, a bunch of grapes, a box of strawberries and two arizona teas. I smiled back at him. 
"Dig in" he laughed
I grabbed a sandwich and took a bite out of it. Chicken. My favourite. 
"Thanks for this Nash" I smiled 
"It was my pleasure" he smiled back
We finished eating everything apart from the strawberries. Nash was now sitting next to me with the box in front of us. I grabbed one and bit into it. 
"Did you know I loved picnics" I asked 
"I may or may not have had some help" he grinned
"Who told you" I rolled my eyes
"Ellie" he replied
"What?" I frowned
"Last night before I left I spoke to Ellie and asked for some help and she told me you loved picnics" he shrugged
"Nash, that's really sweet, thank you" I smiled 
"I'm sure you've had plenty of boys spoil you" he chuckled 
"No" I frowned
"What?" He raised his eyebrows
"I've never had a boyfriend before, hell I've never even been on a date before" I admitted 
"Are you serious?" He gasped
"Yeah" I shrugged 
"I don't understand" he frowned
"Don't understand what" I returned his frown
"How such a beautiful girl has never been on a date before, well it's a pleasure for me to be your first" he chuckled, adding a wink
"I'm glad you were" I lightly chuckled 
"So, we've been friends for a while now, but I still feel like I don't know you" he looked at me
"Shouldn't this of been something you should of said before asking me on a date" I laughed at him
"I guess, but this is just how I roll" he grinned back at me
"Fine, what do you want to know" I asked
"Everything" he replied
"Well we would be here a long time" I chuckled 
"That's fine, as long as your here" he smiled
I could feel myself blushing. I looked at Nash and started filing through my memory to find things to tell him.
"Right so when I was in 6th grade I got pushed over by Holly and I ended up breaking my arm, and I still have a tiny scar from it" I informed, lifting my arm to show him my scar 
"Holly?" He frowned
"Holly Downs, the one in our school, she's one of the popular ones" I shrugged 
"Oh I see" he nodded 
"Hmm. In 7th grade I had a huge crush on Austin, yes Austin in our group, but somehow Holly found out so she ruined any chance I had there" I frowned
"Wow, seems like Hollys out for you" he gently chuckled 
"Yeah I guess so" I laughed
"Continue" he nodded 
"In 8th grade my mom died" I looked down at my lap, I could feel my breath hitching up at the mention of my mom. 
"I was in school, I got called to the office and my dad was sitting there, I knew something bad had happened because my dad has never ever been to my school. Ever" I frowned
"And then he told me, she just died, I still don't even know what from or why, no one would tell me" I mumbled as a tear fell down my cheek. 
Nash leaned forward and wiped the tear away with his thumb.
"In 9th grade my dad married Ellie, they met whilst I was still in 8th grade, which annoyed me because I felt like he got over my mom really quick" I sighed
"10th grade is boring, nothing interesting happened" I shrugged 
"And well in 11th grade I met this really lame guy with these really blue eyes and he sucks soooo bad" I grinned 
I watched as he smiled at me, showing his little dimple. I loved dimples 😍. 
"I'm not lame" he laughed
"Sure" I chuckled
"Thanks for telling me all that, even about your mom" he nodded 
"It's fine...... it's your turn now" I grinned
"Well I've lived in North Carolina for ever but I never wanted to go to a public school, so I was home schooled until grade 11 and then Cam begged me to enrol in school, so I did" he began
"And on my first day I met this weird ass girl who sat in her car staring at me as I walked inside the building and thinks I didn't know" he grinned 
"You saw!!" I felt my cheeks flush red
"Yep" he laughed
"How embarrassing" I face palmed myself 
"No, it was quite flattering really to have a beautiful girl checking me out" he grinned
"I was not checking you out, I was simply curious as to who you were" I corrected
"Don't lie" he smugly grinned
"Fine. Maybe just a little bit" I laughed 
"Knew it" he chuckled 
"We should head back" I glanced at the time. 9:38. 
"It's not that late" he frowned
"I know, but it's getting cold" I mumbled 
"Do you want to come back to mine? My mom would love to meet you" he smiled
"Oh um sure" i nervously answered
I'd never met Nash's family. He had met Ellie but not my dad. I was excited to meet them but extremely nervous as well. I slipped my shoes back on and headed towards Nash's car. 
We climbed back in and he started the engine. After a 10/15 minute drive we pulled up outside a house. I recognise the street, it was down the road from mine. We climbed out and I just stood by the car door. 
"What's wrong?" Nash asked
"What if they don't like me" i fretted
"Don't be silly, they'll love you" he laughed
"I'm really nervous" I admitted
"Here, come on" he said holding out his hand
I took it and we intertwined our fingers before heading up the steps to Nashs front door. He put a key in the lock and turned it. He pushed the door open and stepped inside. 
"Nash?" A women's voice called from another room
"Yeah" he called back
"How did your date go? Did she like it?" She called back
"Yeah she did" he grinned at me
"Aw that's great" a women said walking out of one of the rooms 
"Oh" she gasped 
"Hello Mrs Grier" I smiled 
"Oh you must be Arianna, please call me Elizabeth, I've heard so much about you" she awed 
"All good things I hope" I lightly laughed
"Of course" she grinned
"Mom" Nash moaned 
"Sorry baby, come into the living room, Skys in bed but Johnnie and Hayes are down here" she smiled
"My step dad and brother" he whispered into my ear as we followed his mom. 
I nodded and then noticed we were still holding hands. 
"Nash. I'm ok now" I laughed indicating to our hands
"I know, but I like it" he smiled back at me
"Me too" I admitted 
We walked in to see a teenage boy sitting on the couch watching football and an older man sitting at a desk writing. 
"Johnnie, this is Nash's girlfriend" she smiled at us 
Nash went to correct her but I out my hand on his chest, indicating to just leave it. 
"It's lovely to meet you sir" I smiled
"You too dear" he held out his hand which I shook. 
"And this is Hayes" she nodded to the boy 
At the mention of his name he snapped his head and looked at us. He had the same blue eyes as Nash's yet somehow so different. I could see so much more when I looked into Nash's eyes. 
"Nice to meet you" I smiled
"You too" he nodded before diverting his attention back to the telly. 
"Well it was lovely meeting y'all but I should get going" I smiled
"You're welcome any time" his mom smiled 
I waved goodbye and headed towards the front door followed by Nash. We both stepped outside. 
"I walk you home" he smiled
"You don't have to" I began
"I insist" he grinned
I laughed and nodded before we started walking together hand in hand. We finally made it to my house. I checked the time again. 10:13. 
"Looks like my mom already asked you out for me" Nash awkwardly chuckled 
"What do you mean" I frowned 
"Well I was wondering if you wanted to be like official" he mumbled 
"Are you asking me to be your girlfriend" I laughed
"Yes" he awkwardly laughed
"Well then no" I smirked
"Oh..ok I should go" he said rubbing the back of his neck
"Nash" I called
"Yeah" he frowned
"I'm kidding" I laughed
"What?" He raised his eyebrows 
"Of course I'll be your girlfriend" I smiled

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