Our Story

The story of two teenagers who fall in love. But one of them is hiding a life changing secret. One that will effect their whole relationship.


4. Chapter 3

Nash text me saying he was safely home. I smiled down at my phone before replying saying good and goodnight. I climbed into my bed and fell asleep smiling. 
I woke up to a room full of light. I groaned as I stood up and pulled my curtains shut. Blocking out the sun. 
I headed towards my bathroom and turned the shower on before climbing in. I washed my body before climbing back out. I headed towards my wardrobe and picked out my outfit which was all black. I pulled on my black leather skinny trousers along with a black long sleeved loose top and a black furry waistcoat. I tied my long hair into a ponytail and loosely curled the ponytail. I looked at myself and cracked a small smile. 
I grabbed my phone and just as I was about to take a picture it started ringing. 
"Hello" I answered
"Hey Arianna. It's Nash" he laughed
"I know, I have caller ID" I giggled
"Oh shit yeah sorry" he apologised 
"Don't be silly, anyways what's up?" I asked
"I was wondering if you wanted to hang today, ya know, only if you want to" he tried to play it cool
"I'm down for it" I smiled to myself
"Great, Cam wants to come, is that ok? I can just tell him to do his own shit" he insisted
"No it's fine" I replied
"Cool, we will pick you up in 5 minutes" he informed
"Ok. See you soon" I hung up
I grabbed my black high heel boots. I slipped them on and zipped them up. I looked at myself once more. I was quite short for my age. Both boys would most likely still be taller than me. 
Both boys? I completely forgot Cam was going to be there. That's going to feel weird considering he is the most popular kid and I'm just plain old me. I sighed as I grabbed 30 bucks of my bedroom dresser and stuffed it in my pocket before heading downstairs. 
"Ellie" I called 
"Kitchen" she called back
"I'm going out" I replied 
"Not too late" she ordered
I rolled my eyes before opening the front door to see Nash with his hand balled up ready to knock. I laughed. 
"Hey" I smiled
"Hey" he grinned
"Let's go" I stepped out shutting the door behind me 
I saw Cams car parked in my driveway. I walked over to it and headed to the back doors. 
"Sit in the front" Nash called behind me
"I'm fine sitting in the back" I smiled
"I insist" he laughed
I shrugged and climbed in the front seat instead 
"Hey Arianna" Cam awkwardly smiled
"Hey Cameron" I replied
"Cam" he corrected
"Ari" I laughed
"Look I'm really sorry about how crude I was last night" he cringed
"It's fine. Honestly" I smiled
"Where too then?" He asked
"I'm game with anything" I shrugged 
"How about the zoo?" Nash suggested 
"There's no way theres a zoo close by" I laughed
"I think she's right" Cam agreed
"How about we just go get some food" I shrugged, I was feeling quite hungry
"Sure" both boys agreed
Cam pulled out my driveway and headed to any food place close. 
"So how comes you guys invited me? I mean you're the most popular guy in school Cam, as well Nash has to be popular too now, I'm just me, plain me" I awkwardly laughed
"I've never thought that" Cam frowned
"What" I laughed
"I used to try and talk to you all the time, you seemed cool, but you always blew me off" Cam shrugged
"I apologise" I laughed
"No worries" he chuckled
"Yeah you're cool Ari, why wouldn't we want to hang out with you, I need friends anyway" Nash laughed
"Who said we was friends" I replied
"We are going out for lunch together, we are most definitely fiends" Nash grinned 
"Don't I get a say in this" I pretended to frown
"Nope" he chuckled
I laughed and watched the road. The car started to slow down and we was now sitting outside TacoBell. 
"Oh wow, I feel so overdressed to be here" I shyly mumbled as we climbed out the car
"Don't be, you look beautiful" Nash whispered in my ear 
I felt a shiver run up my spine. How did this boy make me feel this way. It was crazy. 
We headed inside and found a table. Me and Nash sat on one side of our little booth and Cam sat opposite us. I pulled out my phone and so did Nash. We both sat scrolling through them when we headed something click. We both looked up to see Cam pointing his phone at us. I scowled at him. 
"You better not have" I frowned
"Oh but I did" he chuckled
I got a notification on my Instagram. I opened it and saw that I had been tagged in a post by Cam. I sighed and opened it to see a picture of me and Nash both sitting on our phones, the caption was 'wow I have such sociable friends right now'. I felt a small smile creep up my face as I read the word friends. 
Is that what we are now? Friends? It's only been two days and I'm already having lunch with this new kid. 
"Can I take you order now?" A bubbly waitress asked 
We all ordered our food and drinks and waited for the waitress to return. 
When she did we all dug in and when we was finished I tried to put some money on the table. 
"No way" both of them slapped my hand away
"I insist. I ate too" I argued back
"Nonsense" Cam fired back 
I sighed and gave in. We headed back to Cams car and all climbed in. 
"I gotta go back home now guys, do you want me to drop you both home?" Cam asked
"Drop us at that park down the road" I answered
He nodded and started driving. Eventually we made it and we both climbed out thanking Cam. I watched as Cam drove of. Leaving us alone

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