Our Story

The story of two teenagers who fall in love. But one of them is hiding a life changing secret. One that will effect their whole relationship.


3. Chapter 2


I was sitting on my bed surrounded by clothes. I had no idea what to wear to this party. I've never been to one before and I wasn't sure how you was supposed to dress. I sighed and finally settled on a white long sleeved crop top with a floral print skater skirt. I finished the outfit of with a statement necklace and white hi top converse. I braided the front section of my hair around my head and pulled the rest forward before finally deciding I was ready. I grabbed my phone and made my way to my car. 
"Be back before midnight" Ellie called
I rolled my eyes and shut the front door behind me. I climbed in my car and headed towards Cams house. It was weird how I knew where he lived. I parked my car outside and climbed out. 
The front garden was full of drunk teenagers and red cups already. I suddenly became really self conscious and slowly made my way to the front door. I pushed it opened and stepped inside. The smell of alcohol instantly hit my nostrils. I scrunched up my face and started scanning the room looking for Nash. 
I decided to look in the kitchen. As I walked in I was handed a red cup by some random guy. I shrugged and peered inside to see a clear liquid. I sniffed and the smell of vodka was apparent. I took a small sip and felt my whole face scrunch up. I looked up and there he was, watching me. I could feel my cheeks turning red. 
"Come over" he called over the crowd
I pushed through people and placed myself in front of him 
"Hey" I smiled
"Hey" he grinned scanning my body 
"You look amazing" he complimented me 
"Thanks" I blushed 
I took another sip of my drink, it tasted better this time, I noticed Nash's had a red cup in his hand. 
"I see you're drinking too" I laughed
"Nope, just water" he chuckled showing me his cup
"Oh" I frowned
"I don't really enjoy drinking" he shrugged 
"Fair enough" I nodded
"Ariiiiiiiii, you made it" someone slurred behind me
I turned to see Cameron walking towards us, I didn't even realise he knew my name. I wasn't exactly well known in school. I had a very small group of friends. 
"Hey Cameron" I politely smiled 
"You look hot" he grinned
"Oh Urm thanks" I nodded
"You alright Cam" nash asked
"Yep, just having fun" he laughed waltzing off 
"Ignore him" Nash shrugged
"Sure" I nodded
"Wanna go outside?" He offered
"Why not" I smiled following him
We ended up on the garden swing. I was now on my fourth drink, definitely no driving home for me. 
"What's the time" I slightly slurred
"Half 11" he replied 
"Shit" I mumbled standing myself up
"What?" He frowned
"I need to be home at 12, and I can't drive so I need to walk and so I need to leave now" I rushed 
"You can't walk home like this" he laughed
"Well how else am I supposed to get home" I glared
"I'll drive you" he flashed a smile
"Look, I don't really know you" I began
"Well I'd either be driving you or walking you. Your choice" he shrugged 
I was too tired to argue so I handed him my car keys and we headed to my car. 
"How are you going to get back?" I asked
"I'll just go home" he shrugged
"Oh, how far is the walk?" I asked
"Well that depends on where you live" he laughed
I mentally face palmed myself yet again before giving him my address. We pulled up outside and we both climbed out. I looked at the time, 11:52. 
"Sit with me" I smiled as I sat down on the curb 
He frowned before sitting beside me. 
"So, let's get to know each other" I suggested
"Well my names Nash Grier, I'm 17 years old, I have two brothers and a half sister, I live about 5 minutes down that road and I'm sitting on a curb with an extremely pretty girl" he grinned
I felt my self blush. 
"Wow, real smooth" I chuckled 
"Your turn" he laughed
"My names Arianna Long, I'm 17 years old, I have no siblings, I have a step mom, my real moms dead and I live here" I giggled pointing at my house 
"I'm sorry to hear" Nash frowned, obviously indicating to my mom being dead 
"It's fine, it happened a long time ago" I shrugged 
I looked up at the stars. They were extra bright tonight. 
"There beautiful, aren't they" he spoke
"Yeah, I love stars" I smiled 
"Me two" he grinned
"I should get going" I mumbled standing myself up
"Me too" he nodded
"I guess this is goodbye" I smiled
"Can I get your number first?" He asked
"Oh sure" I smiled handing him my phone
I watched as he typed his number in and saved it and then rung himself so that he would have my number before handing me my phone back. 
"Thanks" I smiled
"Goodbye Arianna" he waved
"Ari, you can call me Ari" I shyly smiled
"Fine, goodbye Ari" he laughed
"Bye Nash, I expect a text when your home" I smiled
"You would of got one anyway" he shrugged whilst smiling at me
I watched him walk off before putting my key in my door. It was crazy how this boy made me feel. There was just something about him.
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