Our Story

The story of two teenagers who fall in love. But one of them is hiding a life changing secret. One that will effect their whole relationship.


2. Chapter 1

"ARIANNA!!!" My step mom yelled
I rolled my eyes as I rolled off my bed. My real mom died when I was young and my dad remarried to Ellie. My step mom. 
"What" I called from the top of the stairs
"You're going to be late for school" she shouted up
I groaned as I trudged back into my room. I grabbed a outfit from my wardrobe and threw it on my bed before getting in the shower. Once I was out I dried my self before putting on my jean shorts with a tank top and checked flannel. I brushed through my long hair and let it fall naturally down my back. 
I looked at myself in the mirror. I sighed at my reflection before sitting at my desk. I scribbled into my song book. I liked to write songs and I was half way through one at the moment. 
"Arianna come on" Ellie called
I shut my book and made my way downstairs. I slipped into my black timberlands before grabbing an apple and stepping out the front door. 
I unlocked my car and got in and made my way to hell. I parked in my normal spot and turned the engine off. I watched as the kids walked past my car. Then I saw him. He was walking with Cam, the most popular kid in school. He was definitely new. There was something about him. 
I opened my door and climbed out before making my way inside. The boy with Cam was still stuck in my mind. I unlocked my locker and slung my bag in before making my way to first period. Maths. Great. I walked in and sat in my seat. I was humming to myself when the chair beside me was pulled out. 
"Is anyone sitting here" his angelic voice asked
"Um no" I answered
"Do you mind?" He asked
"Not at all" I nodded 
He sat beside me and we waited for the class to begin. 
"Class. I'm going to run out for 10 minutes to get the supplies need for today's lesson. Behave" the teacher warned before running off
"I'm Nash" a voice beside me spoke
I turned and faced him. He was beautiful. He has bright blue eyes and soft brown hair with a small blonde streak running through it. 
"I'm Arianna" I shyly smiled
"Beautiful name" he flashed a smile
"Thank you" I grinned
"Are you going to Cams party tonight?" He asked
I was surprised he was going already he had only been in the school for a day. 
"I wasn't invited" I shrugged
"Cam told me I could invite people, and I want to invite you" he smiled
"How is it that you know Cameron so well?" I asked
"He lives near me, I used to be homeschooled up until now" he answered
"Oh" was all I could say
"So? You coming?" He lightly chuckled 
"Um sure" I mentally face palmed myself for not answering before
"Great, you know where he lives?" He asked
"Yeah. Thanks" I nodded 
"Cool" he smiled just as our teacher walked back in 
I don't know what it was but something about this guy really intrigued me. I wanted to know more.

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