I Love You

I'm Madeline Clifford. I feel madly in love with Michael Clifford. But as they say death due us part but maybe one day one of us left to early. But it's my romance story and it's mine only so please read.


1. chapter 1

Ok so the tittle might be a cliché thing but my story is honestly about how I would fall in love, get butterflies in my stomach when we kiss. Get married to a rock star who followed his dreams. And most of all loves me.

So here is the story of me and my life and my heart break and how I loved the man of my dreams till death due us part witch in my case was true. Just in my case death came knocking a little early for me.

( p.s I'm writing this as if she's dead)

So your probably reading another romance fanfic or what you thought. My names Madeline Clifford, originally Monroe. I fell in love with Michael Gordon Clifford. It all started on the first day of 6th grade I was the new girl. Straight from South Carolina. From the moment I laid eyes on him I knew I was in love. Of course I was. I mean let's be serious for sec he was extremely cute.

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