She belongs to me

Mia and her besties are going to one directions house for the whole summer it's gonna be a LONG summer


2. 'Should I ask her?'

Lucy's  pov: 

OMG we are on our way to meet one direction! I can't believe I'll be seeing Liam he is so dreaming,cute and he's such a good singer as well like omg I hope him and Sophia broke up again so I can be his girlfriend well anyway we just unpacked everything in the new house and we are on our way to the boy's house omg and we are staying the night. I hope Hayley  doesn't decide to cheat on Josh again last time it was scary watching them fight last week.


Liam's pov: oh my god I just looked at Lucy's page on Twitter she is so pretty,cute and the same height as me so I hope we can get together because I'm so lonely without a girlfriend 😭 well on the bright side I have five best friends. Right now we are making a cheesecake for dessert and I tasted it, it's actually really nice so hopefully the girls like it. 'Liam will you please go hover the house now?' Asked harry fine😫 I groaned and I got the hover out and started to hover the sitting room first.

Niall's pov: I can't wait for mia and the others to come but especially mia she is so cute and pretty like her dirty blonde waist-length hair and her blue eyes and her freckled just are amazing. 'I'm gonna clean the bathrooms harry okay?' I said 'right' harry answered I got the supplies and started to clean 10 minutes later *ding dong* oh my god their here yes!! I heard the door open and close again so I presume someone let them in lets see how dinner goes.

 Mia's pov: Harry let us in and I was so nervous but excited because I would be meeting Niall, speaking of Niall here he comes.oh mia? Said Niall 'ya' I replied 'do do you want to be my girlfriend?' Asked Niall while shuttering I had a shocked face expression I answered 

To be continued DUN DUN DUN!!!!' A/N ha I will have chapter 3 out tonight so follow me and see when it comes out so baii for now :3 



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