Cutting Medal

In England, even though it rains and she swims daily, Brooklyn's life is dry. Nobody understands her mind at all and she gets lonelier until the team gets scrambled.


1. Lap 1

"Brook don't kick your legs like that"

"Brook that would be cheating in a swim meet"

"Brook get your water or you're going to stop breathing."

Everyone yelled at me, judging everything I do. The coach stepped over and gestured  me to go over to the side of the pool. He was stroking his beard, obviously stressed.

"Brooklyn, your swimming skills have decreased." He itched his nose, so I could see he was hiding something.
"Why coach? I work hard, and I go as fast as possible." I stuttered , and got nervous as soon as he looked away, rolling his eyes.

"Fine Brooklyn. It is because we can't have an extra girl. Girls can't swim.

"Excuse me?"
"You god damn well heard me" And he walked away. I immediately went to the locker rooms to the organizer.
"This is important." I looked at the organizer, Emma.

"Yes Brook?"
"Coach told me I  got kicked off because Im a girl and quote, Girls cant swim"

Emma sat wordless and called in the front desk.

"Please tell coach to gather  his things and leave asap. Also look for a new swim Coach.


I smirked

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