You Have Changed| n.h


7. .......

Lily's P.O.V 
I came in thinking that Niall woudlent be here til later,and boy was I wrong. 
I walked into the the lving to see Jay bouncing up and down in Nialls arms that literally shattered my heart seeing her with her dad and he nor she dioent even know it. Greg said that theyde call me by my second name Marie and intorduce me to Niall and that he did, I just nodded and took my baby girl and sat oppisite Niall. I watched him play with Baby Theo as I studied his features Boy has he changed.... That blonade scruffy hair is now up in a quiff,his blue eyes have got my dreamer and his teeth are straight....He looked up and smiled at me as I played with Jay and then Greg called that Dinner was ready so we headed into the kitchen with Jay and Theo
After eating, I stayed with Nialls mum, and tried my Best avoiding Niall which I did,Jay stayed with Greg as I helped Nialls mum clean up..
It was now time to leave and I started saying my goodbyes I said good bye to everyone then Niall he got up and hugged me... I Felt odd after that and he looked at me strangly and smiled after that I left...  Knowing my daughter will see more of her dad 
Nialls P.O.V
As EveryOne was saying goodbye to Marie, jay started saying "nwanny" to my mum I found that odd but I rubbed it off, as I said good bye I hugged her , and got a jolt electricity run through me that was odd never felt like this before... I was playing Theo when I over heard my mum and greg talking about someone...
"We need to tell him mum ! Or he's never gonna know he's a dad" greg said
"I know but Liley won't be happy, after all we promised her' my mum said 
What was they going onna about, the metioned liley.. And some that's a dad me?... 
I got up with theo and headed for the kitchen we they were sat "what's this about lily...." I said they both looked at eachother" oh not the liley you know its gregs friend" mums said. , greg looked upset with mum and I decided to rub it off and go up stairs to put Theo to bed 
Gregs P.O.V 
I followed niall upstairs shortly after and watched as he sung to Theo, how cute I walked in and he turned and smiled watching Theo sleep " he's so cute" niall cooed "I know, Niall you know one day yourll be an great dad " he lookedd up at me and smiled "thanks" 
"So what do you think about Jay.." He's looked at me and smiled she's just cute and care free I found it odd when she kept calling mum nanny tho.." " That's because she is her nan" I blurted out shit I'm in trouble he looked at me in utter confusion " had another baby... I have a neice yes!!" " No no no Niall will you promise not to tell anyone anything if I told you.." I was gonna tell him now... "Cross ne heart" he said while crossing it " she's yours...." He starred at me with a shocked face "w-what....."


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