You Have Changed| n.h


6. ......

Niall's P.O.V 
Finally! I'm home !!! Can't wait to see my family... I thought to my self as I sat in the back of a taxi .. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a car horn " mind out your jerk" the taxi driver yelled as he drove off ..
 I was staring at all the houses when I started to recognise where we were, my road I kinda got nervous then we past lilys house... damn I feel so bad for leaving her... the car slowly came to a stop as I grabbed my stuff and handed the man a heap load of money" keep the change" he smiled brightly "thanks have a nice day" I nodded and walked to my door I knocked on it as I saw the familiar figure approach the door. Mum. 
She opened the door and I practically jumped in her arms "heyaa mummy I misses you so much !!!" I yelled she laughed 
" my my look how much you've grown not a little boy anymore" she whipped her tears away I rolled my eyes and huffed "muuuum... I'm 19 not 9" 
Out of no where Greg tackled me to the floor "heyyyy be carful  your kinda squishing me here!" I chocked 
He laughed and helped me up and brought me into a big man huge 
We walked into the living room to reveal two kids sat in high chairs shouting at the tv I ran over to Theo 
He looked up and his face lit up as he started shoutomg "Naill Naill" we all laughed as he calls me naill and not niall I picked him up amd messed round with him... 
All day wede been catching up and messing round ide mostly been eatin all mums food and I've been playing with Jay a lot she so cute and she has the most memorizing big blue eyes youde ever see she does look like me which is scary but we have this speacial bond between me and her.. its now 6 and there's a knock at the door .... Greg hopped up while I sat with Jay and Theo on my lap having a deep convasation I sounded more like go hgfsa blar hskssn yh you get it...
Thats when Greg walked back with a tall skinny girl with red long hair and big grey eyes she was stunning ... She saw me and her eyes grow when she saw my with Jay... "Niall this is Marie , Jays mother " greg said 
"Hello nice to meet you " I said she just nodded and took jay from my arms


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