You Have Changed| n.h


5. .....

Lilys P.O.V
I knocked on the door to the Horans House a few seconds later Greg appeared with a grin on his face "ahhh hello lil come in" he stood aside as I stepped in. "Hey greg" I cooed And he laughed we headed for the living room with greg and then I saw my baby girl playing with Theo 
"Liwly" Theo yelled as he ran to me hugging me knees "hello spud!" Don't ask I've always called him that.. jay came running over to me and I picked her up "hey princess " she giggled and I put her down as she went and played with Theo.
Maura walked in and greeted me with a hug.
We talked for a while as we watched the two kids play " ent they just so adorable " greg cooed I laughed and nodded 
"Hey lil are you still up for coming over tomorrow for tea.?" Greg asked 
"Yh sure " I saiid then remembered Niall ... shoot mabye he won't recgonise me... I now have red long curly hair instead of short blonde hair and my eyes are more of a grey than green and my freckles have gone hopefully he doesnt...
I said my goodbyes and left with A very sleepy jay and headed home and went to bed


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