You Have Changed| n.h


4. ....

Lilys P.O.V
I entered work and everyone one was buzzing, I went to the mini cafe in the building , minding my own buiesness until i heard some one talking about one direction I decided to ear wig.
" yh did you here about Niall"  I heard some one say, my mouth went dry and my stomach turned just hearing his name 
"What about him" someone else asked
"He's coming back here! to Mullingar tomorrow!" I froze there and then and droppes my coffee, everyone looked at me "s-sorry" I whispered "no its fine lily you don't look so good my mate "emma said
"Have the day off" I turned to see my manger " are you sure" I asked he nodded and I left quickly,heading straight for the Horan house, With only one person on my mind... 
Greg P.O.V 
I was layed on the sofa cuddled with Jay and Theo when my phone Went off I grabbed my phone off the counter and checked it ...
Niall... heya how's you. Cute picture of Theo btw, jwing who's babies that.? 
My eyes winded "pssstt... mum" I yelled/whispered 
She came in straight away with flower all over her cooking apron " yes dear.?" I gave her my phone she looked back at me" just say I babysit her" "urm ok but he's gonna find out soon rright..." mum just shrugged and walked out 
I texted him back.. 
To niall 
Hey I'm good wbu? Mum babysits that little girl for a close family friend 
A few minutes later, he replied 
Oh okk... she looks a lot like me tho... 
I just ignored his text and went back to sleep


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