You Have Changed| n.h


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Niall's P.O.V 
I was sat on the sofa with zayn doing nothing that when I decided on  checking my twitter...Then I spotted  a picture that I kept being tagged in by fans.
I clicked on the picture it was my little Theo smiling at the Tv screen I then relised I was on the tv and smiled to my self ." Hey zayn ,look at little Theo!" I cooed he looked over and giggled " nawhh ent that sweet,wait who's that?" I looked at him confused as he pointed to the little girl about the same age as Theo laughing ... Who is she?... zayn and I starred at the picture for a couple of minutes until he spoke up " hey niall she even looks like you! Her nose,mouth shape and the famous Hoan eyes!" I rolled my eyes and laughed "she's obviously just one of my cousins I've never met, I haven't been in Ireland since I was 16!" " I guess your right" 
I can't wait tomorrow is the day I finally get to go home! Yay Gonna see ma mum,dad ,greg,denise and little Theo! 
I've finished packing and I am ready to leave first thing in the morning ...


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