You Have Changed| n.h


2. ..

As I pulled up to Nialls mum's houseshe opened the frojt door and came out to the car.. its odd Niall hasent been home for 2 years I guess its the fame and always being busy...
"Hello love how are you.." 
"I'm great thanks just tied" I smiled and stepped out of the car getting Jay
"Hello the sumshine how's my little angel " maura cooed and she took her out my arms jay took out her dummy amd said "nwanny!" And then put it back in.
"Anyways... I better go before I'm late see ya " I said while hugging her goodbye 
" bye sweetie be good for nanny horan mrs" I kissed jay and left for work 
Nialls mums P.O.V
About an hour in on looking after my 2 grand kids Theo and Jay, they both had fallen asleep I sat there and admired my 2 little angels... I'm so proud of my 2 sons creating stunning children but its sad that Niall doesn't even know about Jay , he's coming home in a couple of weeks and boy do I miss him! 
Just as I started washing up , Greg came in all happy and smiley 
"Hello dear what's got you in a good mood.?"
"Oh nothing mother just can't wait to see my baby brother! Dident get the texts he's coming Tomorrow!" 
"What! And he never told me, I have to prepare the food ! Would you be an angel and watch Jay she's asleep with Theo..." 
"Sure mum" 
Gregs P.O.V 
I walked into the livingroom as I saw my Little man asleep with my little Jay Jay.
I turned on the Tv and put on some music put queitly all of a sudden, Theo woke up and started dancing and jumpimg around causing Jay to wake up she started clapping her hands to the beat and was attempting to sing but ended up shouting bliba blaba 
MidNightMemories began paying and Jay started laughing at Theo when he saw  Niall he ran up to the tv and started slapping Nialls face as I paused it on nialls face jay camme over and poked his face and laughed she doesn't even know that's her dad, I snapped a picture of them and put it on twitter


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