Werewolves vs witches

Werewolves witches and a girl. Filled with action,suspense,and romance.


3. The finding.

He wondered what could have happened why was she knocked out he put he on his back and took 

her to the cabin still wondering what 

happened. He took her in the cabin and put her on the couch he transformed back into man which 

was slightly painful but he'd got 

used to his spine changing biological structure. He got a glass of water for her and put it on the 

table and she was cold so he put a 

blanket over her.

He climbed into bed and for the first night in a month he didn't have the same dream

As he'd had before. 

The next morning he woke up and walked over to her he snapped his fingers in front of her face she rolled over and moaned and then 

she opened her eyes and stood up she said " did you knock me out are you a kidnapper how did I get here who are you. And all he said 

was " shhhhhhhh"there's bad things out there " he said whilst looking out of the window she said " the on crazy evil bad thing out here 

is you he said "

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