Werewolves vs witches

Werewolves witches and a girl. Filled with action,suspense,and romance.


2. Looking.

 He couldn't get the scream he heard out of his head he when't out side and as he hit the moon light his transformation began. His 

fingernails sharpened into claws as the back of his t shirt ripped and his spine sticked out through His fur. He when't on all four and 

sprinted down the windy road he leaped over the massive tree routes that stuck out of the ground in the forest floor. He saw something 

through the fog. He was cautious but he leaped over to what looked like a human why was she out here, she was uncontious he turned 

her over and his eyes widened in shock in terror, it was the girl he'd been haunted by the girl from his dreams the girl that wasn't real. 

Until now.

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