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Greg's P•O•V
After getting Theo,Libby and Jay asleep, I heard a knock at the door I put Ronnie down in her cot as I made my way downstairs,With mum and Denise stood at the door way smiling and hugging some one, I walked up to them and noticed it was Niall. "Niall what the hell ? You turn up without telling us,come ere!" I smiled as he gave me a big bro hug. "Its good that your back" Denise said as she hugged Niall " I know ibe missed this place so much, it hasent changed a bit!" He replied. "I've missed you so much,my baby! My you've grown!" My mum said while hugging Niall. "I've missed you too ma!" 
"C'mon get in its freezin!" 
He came in as I grabbed his bags and put them in his room. 
We all went into the living room as mum came I'm with lots of food for Niall. He smiled and started eating "ma I do love your home made cake!" Niall cheered with a cake full mouth. 
After about an hour of talking and catching up, Niall decided to head up stairs to shower and unpack his things.
Nialls's P•O•V 
After unpacking my things and tidying my room, I decided to explore up stairs, my room was still the same, gregs room was now my mums room, my mums room was now Gregs and Denises room and that left my music room, I opened the door to see a white room, filled with baby clothes toys etc. There was 4 cots in the room... I walked over to the first one to see a sleeping Theo awwhhh he looked just like Greg. I walked over to another to see a little girl about Theos age on the cot there were words inprinted on to it saying Jay . I walked over to the other to see a girl who looked just like Jay but instead,Her cot had Ronnie on it. She was so cute. And lastly another small girl called I think Libby I watched her as she slept and she slowly started to wake up. She opened her eyes,man they were big, and so Blue, Bluer than mine. She looked at me for a few seconds and started crying I dident know what to do so I tried to pick her up and hold her in my arms but that made her cry more.
I started to rock her back and forth and shhhhs her and she slowly fell back asleep. "Your a natural" I turned to see my mum at the door way smiling at me "but next time, support her head" I giggled as I put her down. "Ma who's kids a these?" I asked she looked down at them "Do you remember Chloe?" She replied I nodded and rolled my eyes remembering her,I hated her,dunno why put I did. Then I remembered that night I started to blush and turned to look at my mum "well she had kids.... these 3 gorgeous girls" wow chloe had kids she like 17 slut! 
"Oh" is all I said
We walked out the room " go and shower smelly,we've got guests coming over at 6" my mum said and she headed down stairs. I wonder who is coming over...
Chloe's P•O•V
I got home and I was bored and headed to my mums house.
When I arrived there I was greeted by mum hugging me "hiya sunshine where's my girls?" My mum asked "oh there staying with Maura tonight she said I deserve a rest..."  "oh ok go get ready" she replied smiling " what why?" I asked confused "Were going to The Horans for dinner" "yay!" I cheered as levi came down stairs in just his boxers ewwww. "Levi! Go get dressed were leaving in 30 minutes !" My mum yelled "alright jeez,hi chlo" he said while kissing my cheek. Yh I'm close with my brother "hiya" he ran back up stairs as Emily came in "Chloe! " she hugged me "hi I gotta go!" I yelled running out The house "be back in 30mins" I yelled. 
When I got home, I showered and changed into a pair of skinny jeans,plain black v top and black converse.I put my hair up in  ponytail and left,walking to my mums,when I arrived there, I was greeted by Emily who was wearing skinny jeans,white top and flats. "Hi!" She yelled she's my older sister, She's 19 but acts 9. "Hello " we chatted as Levi came down in black jeans,black vans and a white polo. 
We left and headed to the Horans....


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