4. kk

Niall's P•O•V
After Showering, I decided to wear black jeans with a 5SOS tank top with white supras I felled my hair up,I dident want a quiff,so I made it stick up in different directions. I Headed down stairs to see what everyone was doing Greg was paying with the kids on the living  room floor and Mum and  Denise what cooking.
I sat down on the couch and started watching tv as Greg turned to look at me "ahh Niall,come ere"  I got up and sat on the floor as Theo and the girls Smiled " this is Jay,Ronnie and Libby" he said while pointing to them "hello my name Niall!" I cooed Libby I think put her hands out I picked her up awkwardly, you can tell I'm not good with kids. After playing with them for a while,I noticed how different they all are. Ronnie is the one that makes lots of noise and she fidgets a lot,Jay is quiet and sneaky where as Libby is Carefree and bubbly." So greg... who's there da-" I was cut off by the door bell ringing I put libby down and headed up stairs quickly I hated people coming over it would always be awkward. I went into the bathroom so it looked like I went for a pee.
"Niall get down here!" My mum yelled 
Chloe's P•O•V
We reached there house,Emily knocked on the door then Greg appeared in the door way "hiya greg!" My mum said while hugging him. "How are you lisa?" He asked my mum "I'm great thanks!" As we went into the hall way,maura appeared "hello!welcome come in come in," she hugged us all and we headed to the living room to see Theo and the girls sat in their play corner Straight away, Libby smiled as she saw Levi, he and her have a special bond and Jay loved Emily they picked them up and played with them as I picked up Theo and Ronnie. Denise came in a few minutes later and I gave her theo as we all chatted. Maura came out the kitchen "right dinner will be ready in 10....Niall get down ere!" She yelled I froze and put Ronnie down as emily and levi put the other 2 down my mum and that shared glances "you never told me hede ne here!" I said to maura "I...oh my gosh! I forgot I'm so sorry!" I sighed "its fine, none of you mention any thing about him and the girls" I said they all agreed levi came over to me and whispered "don't worry , I'll set him straight no one and I mean no one gets my little sis pregnant and gets away with it" I looked at him "levi no.. you won't" he just chuckled and walked away.. that when I heard footsteps coming from the stairs...
Niall's P•O•V
I slowly headed downstairs,and headed to the kitchen to see mum 
I quickly darted past the living room not looking in there and saw mum washing up. "Niall go in the living room..." she said " but who's here" she sighed " just go..." I turned around and bumped into Greg who was holding Theo. "Niall c'mon " I took Theo out of his arms and held him as he tickled my neck with is tiny hands. I entered the living room and stoped at the door way...  all sat down on the sofas was Lisa,Emily,levi and Chloe...
Straight away Lisa jumped up and hugged me "hiya Niall! You've grown so much in just a year!"she said while looking me up and down. "Hi Lisa how have you been?" I asked while passing Theo to Greg "I've been Good!" 
I nodded and turned to Emily and smiled she smiled back and hugged me she still looked the same but instead,she looked taller. She walked over to me and hugged me "you look so different!" She exclaimed I just giggled and levi came up to me and shook my hand rather hardly,I gulped as he smirked and turned round walking back to his seat I dident say hi to chloe because I turned and she was playing with her nails looking at the floor.
After about 10 minutes of catching up,I looked over to Chloe her and Denise and Emily were sat on the floor playing with the babies. She looked up slightly and we made eye contact,I studied her features as she took in mine. She had changed,a lot. 
She had Long light Brown Wavy hair that came down to her waist,Big Grey\Green eyes,Freckles,pale skin. She quickly looked back at the kids amd I sighed as my mum yelled saying food was ready everyone got up amd left,Chloe took Ronnie and Jay in Her Arms As Emily Carried Libby and Denise Carried Theo . I stood up as they all walked past me I watched as Chloes body walked away man she's gotten hot. She now has a figure,wide hips,big bum.
We all sat down at the table as everyone chatted,while I stayed quiet Chloe was talking. I sat Next to my Mum and Greg. Lisa sat next to my mum as Chloe sat oppisite me next to emily then levi.All the kids were in there room sleeping. We ate my mums delicious food and I looked up to see Chloe staring at my Arms I smirked as she quickly looked down. I watched her and then I noticed Her Boobs...They were Massive...I quickly looked away and I heard Levi laugh...
After eating, They headed home, as it was late, for some reason, Chloe dident take her kids she left them here?
I decided to help Greg het the kids to sleep..
"Soo..whos their Father?"I asked, Greg looked up and Scratched his head "ohh...urm..h-he was to busy with his job,in a different country,so she dident tell him" 
 "Oh so she has to handle 3 girls all buy her self?" I smirked that annoying yet hot slut.. "yup" Greg said poppimg the p.
"To be honest,she should of kept her legs shut and this would of never happened" I Laughed 
That's when Greg slapped me up against the wall. "Don't you ever,EVER say that about her! It wasent her fault she was drunk" he said "well...still"
He went bright red "still? You should have used protection!!!" He yelled then paused "shit" he whispered under his breath and stormed out the room... I was left,confused and angry...you should of used Protection what? I need answers.


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