1. intro

When I was around 6, My mum and Dad would always be busy with work, so me,my brother and sister would normally go to Maura's House, she would babysit us.
She had 2 sons called Greg and Niall...Even though Greg was older than me,we become close friends,he was like another older brother to me.
There like a second family to me and always make me feel welcomed all except Niall...
Niall hated me... I was never sure why but he did, he would talk to me older brother Levi and sister Emily but he would always piss me off.
Their mum looked after me,emily and levi until I was 12 years old and from then on I would go round sometimes to visit 
When I went to high school,I was in most of my classes with Niall...
He would annoy me,bully me and make school live a living hell. I never told anyone because I was too scared to.
Everything changed when I was 16,the bullying stopped...
I decided on heading to a frat party with my mates and of course Niall was there... As I was walking home,I felt like I was being followed,it was Niall. I ignored him because he lives across the house from me so he was just heading to his place... I walked down and alley when I slammed up against the wall,by Niall that's when he kissed me while undoing his belt..And you know what happened next... 
After that night,I stopped going to his place to see his mum if I did he would go bright red and go upstairs..
A month after that night,he left. To go and audition on the Xfactor.. That when I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant...
I told my mum, my brother levi and sister emily , they were supportive but I decided to move out to a 2 bedroom flat down the road from my old house. I still visited maura,greg and denise when I told them, they were over the moon...They agreed not to tell Niall til he comes home because it would be to hard. 
The day I went for ,y 12 week scan(3 months) scan,I found out I wasent having one baby ... I was having triplets ! Yes triplets! That when I cried and cried .. I couldent look after one baby let alone 3!


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