2. fjffkf

The last time I saw Niall was  last year...12 months.
He still has not returned to Ireland,yet.12 months and he knows nothing...He doesn't know he has 3, 3 month old girls at home.
I woke up to my Alarm going off,Todays Monday...Great! That means work. I work at Radio1 and have done since I was 16. I'm now 17 and have worked here since Niall left. 
After showering and changing,I heard faint crys coming from the kids room. I entered the room and they all stopped crying. I walked over to Jays cot to see her layed on her back with her legs in the air "good morning jay" I cooed as I kissed her cheek and picked her up taking her down stairs. She looked like Niall,Light soft brown hair,big blue eyes,small lips and buttoned nose. I placed her in her high chair and ran to get Ronnie and Libby.
I went to Ronnie's cot to see her smiling like crazy, I picked her up, she looked a lot like Niall too,light brown hair,button nose , small lips and those big blue horan eyes. "Morning Ron" I kissed her cheek as I picked up Libby. She looked slightly different from ronnie and jay, she had sort of blondey brown hair,small lips , cute button nose,she was pale like niall, and had a deeper shade of blue . To me they all looked alike. 
After putting them down in their high chairs,and feeding them,I got them ready because on Mondays,Tuesdays and Fridays , they would go to their nans(nialls mum). Today it was hot so I got them dresssed in Just baby grows with socks . Jay was wearing a pinky purple baby grow with a tiny pink bow in her hair with pink socks.Ronnie was wearing a pink baby grow with purple socks and bow . Were as Libby wore a Green one with green socks. ----------------------------- ( look at picture on side) 
We left and headed to the Horan House...
When we arrived there,Greg was With Theo in The play room (Theo is 1 month older than the girls so he's 4months ok?) Maura helped me carry the girls in, And lay them down on the floor in the play room. After talking to denise,greg and maura I left for work...
It was 20 minutes til I finish work and one direction had came number one in the charts,again with their song more than this. I was scrolling through twitter as I finished up on the air, and noticed a couple of tweets about one direction saying they was going to their homes for a holiday or something just ignored it..
Niall's P•O•V
I've been on the plane for about an hour now and should be landing in about 15 minutes. I am pretty nervous for some reason, I havent been home for a year and I have changed so much! I decide to go through twitter and follow some fans and answer there questions etc. I view Gregs profile because I was bored and noticed that Greg had added a few pictures about 15 minutes ago. The picture were of the and 3 girls that look about the same age as him. They were all layed on the floor all smiley it is pretty cute. I guess there triplets? My cousins probably. 
About 20 minutes later, I finally landed and headed to my house....


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