Adopted By One Direction?????


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Bobbie's P•O•V
Finally! Ive finished packing Yay! My arms ache and my legs hurt, I sit on my bed with everything backed I looked around seeing how empty and odd my room now looks...Its so wired! After a couple of minutes of thinking to my self when I hear the door bell ring and I then walk to the top of the stairs hearing muffled voice, deep voices... There here! 
I have to admit I am pretty scared staying with 5 teenage boys...aged 18,19 and 20 I mean why are they even adopting me theres like a year between me and harry? A bit creepy don't ya think...
I make my way back to my room to grab my stuff. As I pick my bags up, the door knocks I turn and it opens miss angus walks in ... "hey bob there here!" "Ok, I'll be down in a sec" I said as I grabbed my phone.
I turned to look at Miss A "I'm really gonna miss you  being around ... promise me you'll stay sage " she says tears streaming down her pale cheeks "I'll miss you too and I will " I replied and hugged her.
We both made our way down stairs as I looked up  4 pairs of eyes were on me ... great.. not the sarcasm 
It was quite and awkward until I spoke up "urm hey..."  ''hiya love" harry said winking at me being the usual charmer he always has been, everyone said there hellos except Niall... and louis wasnt here... oh well 
"Yes the bobsters here!" I turned to see louis running down stairs I guess he went to the loo, I gave him a WTF look while everyone else laughed athow childish he was he pouted "its your new nickname duh" he said and crossed his arms... Zayn and Liam, being the gentle men they are , piccked up my bags and took us out side to a LIMO.?! Wtf oh yh there famous duh.
Everyone piled into the limo after I did as I sat down and I was bonbarded with from everyone expect Niall, he hasent spoken once tonight! "Urm do you like carrots " louis yelled in my ear looking serious I just laughed ''louieee you idot " zayn complained 
The rest of the car Ride was odd yet funny , I kept getting asked odd and random questions... really creepy ones too.....


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