Adopted By One Direction?????


3. say what?

All the were already in line waiting for me.. The ages varried in girls from 15+... I practially ran to were I'm suposed to stand and quickly looked down at my outfit to see if I looked ok.
"Ladies,would you like to introuduce yourselfs to these lovely men?" Miss Angus spoke after a couple of minutes of silence we all nodded...
We did the same old routine stand there,do this,do that, stand up straight and don't forget to smile...
I mentally sighed as the other girls took in turns blabbering on about their selfs to the boys who just kept nodding and asking questions that's when I zoned for about 15minutes.I was snapped out of my trance by miss A 'Bobbie??...". 
''Uh yh..." I asked not really paying attention, " its your turn to speak.." 
I froze "oh..yh sorry, I'm BobbieMae but you can either call me Bob or Mae I don't mind, I'm candadian and I've just turned 17" I said as I played with my fingers not daring to looks up.
"Ok its been nice meeting all of you young ladies were-" Harry was cut of by Eli 
"We all ovs know who you guys are!!! Your freaking ONE DIRECTION!!!!" She shouted making all of them fangirl but me I kept my inner fangirl locked up. 
"Well were glad your all funs urm..." Zayn said "Eli" Elie Said 
"Right Eli... Well I'm Zayn thats-" She again decided to interupt " that's Harry,Liam,louis and Niall yh we know" they all started laughing out loud while I just rolled my eyes.
I guess louis noticed because he why I wasent over reacting I started to panic so I made a lie up I looked down "urm I..I used to be ... A fan" I said slowly 
''Why ent you a fan now eye" harry asked raising an eyebrow at me.. 
I just shrugged and ran up stairs, I mentally slapped my face why did I lie everyone knows I'm a HUGE fan of them boys and why did I run up stairs!! 
I headed to my room,after closing my door, I quickly ran around my room hiding everything that had something to do with one direction , so bascially half my room was empty all my posters where under my bed and all my other things were in my wardrobe.
Louis P•O•V:
All the girls looked annoying and they were all fangirling over us,but this one girl caught all are eyes I belive her name was Bobbymae what an odd yet lovely name. She was very pretty,her long red hair,those big green eyes,freckles,dimples,her braces and her acsent was just perfect!!! 
Miss Angus' P•O•V:
After all the girls went up stairs to there rooms,the 5 boys were having a deep conversation about who they were going to choose."So...have you decided?" I asked 
They all looked over to me smiling like mad men and nodded in usion "The one with red it Bobbie?" Louis I think asked . I just nodded in response and gave them all the forms to sign... I have to admit I am really shocked that they chose her becuase no one has ever chosen her before and she's been in my life for so long and I've grown fond of her almost as if she's my own... 
Bobbies P•O•V
'Can't belive your packing your bags trying so hard not to cry... Had the best time now its the worst time but we have to say goodbye...'' I sung quitly to my self as I had my ear phones in all of the sudden miss A came in...
"Hi miss"
"Guess what"she said while clapping her hands together 
"W-what" I said taking. Out my earphones confused. "They chose you!!"She squelled loudly 
"W-what " my mouth went dry as I spoke. "Those 5 guys they are adopting you bob! Pack your bag there coming to collect you at 8 o clock sharp" she said while dragging 3 suitcases into my room. I smiled brightly as she left I was speechless
That's when the fangirl inside me was unleashed I started to dance and jump around squealing I'm going to be living with One direction!! Pinch me now!!! I checked the time reliseing its now 6 o clock !! I have 2 hours to pack everything!!



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