Adopted By One Direction?????


6. chapter6

Next day...
Bobbie's P.O,V
I woke up to  lots of muffled voices/noise from downstairs,the boys must be up ... I slowly opened my eyes while streching, I slowly woddeled towards the door as I put my hair up. 
As I reached the bottom of the stairs I was greeted by a loud scream from louis.Great
"Heyyaaa everyone look the bobsters FINALLY up!! She's almost as lazy as Niall!!" He screammed 
Everyone one laughed and covered there ears, Niall popped his head through the door "hey what you say about me!!" He said while eating a .. Cake?? For breckfast 
"Hey what time it ??" I asked 
"Half 2" liam replied not looking up from his phone 
''WHAT?!? I slept for over 15hours!?!?" I was pretty shocked. Everyone just laughed


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