Adopted By One Direction?????


5. chapter5

Bobbie's P.O.V: 
We've been in the house for about half an hour and let me just say it is HUGE!!!! Its like a maze no lie , I've gotten lost 4 times already.
At this point, its 9oClock and I head down stairs trying to find the living room, when I finally reach harry and louis are sat down watching toy story 3 by the looks of it,so I decide to join them...
"BOBSTERS heree!!!!!!" Louis shouts almost bursting my ear drums 
"Yes I'm here calm down". At this point we can here zayn and liam yelling from upstairs telling louis to shut up. 
 *Skipping film* 
After the film finshed,it was 11 o'clock so I decided to head upstairs to go to bed I said night to everyone, well louis and harry, I'm guessing everyone else is already asleep...
I stopped at the top at the stairs,looking for my room there were 10doors, I guess that the middle one was mine and I headed in there...
I opened the door,to darkness I felt around the wall for the light,once I found it I turned it on... Shit!!
I was in Nialls room...
He was fast asleep so I qucikly flickered off the Light as he turned and groaned I quickly shut the door and found my room next to his. 
I dived in to my bed and drifted off to sleep thinking about what my future holds...


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