Skeletons (Zayn Malik)

I'm more than pretty sure everyone has a few skeletons


1. Blank Space

  Skeletons (Zayn Malik)

I am more than pretty sure everyone has at least a few skeletons in their closet, right?"
"I mean even I have a few that noone knows about, so why should I pour them out to you?"
I leaned forward in my chair, and smoothed out the top of my grey sweatpants, looking intently at her reaction. She had sat up a little straighter in her chair and crossed her skinny jean covered legs. I watched her every move, I'm supposed to be my school's sweetheart and my parent's little angel, but some things I like to keep to myself. Minutes passed of both of us studying each other's gazes to one another. "Well you see I can tell that you have alot of things you have on your chest and would like to brush off some of the extra weight. I suppose I'm the person that will take in all the weight you're brushing off, for I will try not to drop it." I looked down at my chest in spite of myself, she was toying with me and well I'll just give her a dose of her own medicine. "Well you see my name is Laurel Frontera, I'm seventeen years of age and my parents see me as an angel from above. Well there not entirely right, as we mentioned before about those skeletons hanging around in the closet, well one of my worst skeletons is,his name for now is anonymous, I smiled looking as her face changed to disappointment, he is eighteen and has caramel skin that makes me weak at the knees, I could just stare into his brown eyes for days.  He has the voice of an angel, for I am his secret. If I finally look hard enough and find some courage, then I will no longer allow myself to be anyone's secret, but for now I'm going to enjoy being in the shadows. After all everybody is somebody's skeleton.


Cause you know I love the players, and you love the game.

I danced around my room belching out the lyrics to Blank Space. Things falling off of my bed and dresser occasionally. I made my war towards my closet still dancing, but what I was calling singing and dancing was more like crying for help, and random hip rolls around my room.

Are we going to be forever, or ar we going to go down in flames? I have a blank space baby, and I'll write your name.

By the time the song had finished I was already in my closet with a white over - sized sweater, and a floral pink skirt in my hand. 
I lay my clothes onto my bed as I turn off my music walking to my bathroom.
The clock by my bed red that it was already twelve seventeen, so I had to hurry.
Walking into my bathroom I started the water for my shower, and stripped off my clothing.
When the warm water hit my skin it relaxed instantly.
The feeling of the warm water against my tense muscles was exhilarating.
As the water rinsed away the soap I had lathered against my body, I picked up my mango and coconut shampoo; rubbing it  into my hair.
I finally ended my warm shower, and I wrapped a towel around my body walking out to my bed.
As I sat with a firm grip at my towel, I checked my phone. Unlocking it I looked, and saw two new messages from Valerie.
The first one read, "You better be on your way," and the second one, "I'm dead serious Laurel."
I cursed silently, I had stayed in the shower longer than expected, now it was almost one. Valerie was definitely going to talk my ear off about me being late. 

I sat up from my bed, and started to put on my undergarments. Then, I quickly pulled my white floral skirt up my legs, and pulled my pink sweater over my head. Looking In the mirror, I looked myself up and down, my hair hung wet on my shoulders. Grabbing my towel from my bed, I dried my hair and started looking for my shoes. Finally, I found my white Chuck Taylor's (converse). Slipping  them on, I grabbed my phone and car keys. Walking downstairs I grabbed an apple from the fridge and a yellow note fell from it. Picking it up I took a bite from my apple.
" Laurel your father and I are going out to see your grandma, so we will not be back until monday." -Love, mom.💗

Today was Saturday, so I had two days by myself. I sighed in relief, putting the note down I jogged t my car.
I started it, and started driving, no music was playing. The only sound that you could hear was the sound of my tires slapping against the pavement vigorously.
I started thinking about the events that had happened just previously four nights ago. The memory was still fresh in my brain.

-Four nights ago (Tuesday)-
I  smoothed out the top of my jeans as I sat in my car looking at the building in front of me. Looking down at the text it read, 'Revised abandoned building on Fifth Street.' The front of the building had revised on the top, or more like a few letters, with the 'E' fallen off so you could only see the outline of where it used to be. This was definitely the right place. As I stood from my car, I didn't see another in sight. Heels clacking against the ground I followed instructions, walked into the building and up to the second floor. From the outside it had looked so beaten up and old, making me want to turn around and go home not even wanting to go inside. I was very shocked from what I saw inside, it had beautiful blue lights on each side of the stairs. The main room had a big crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling, and the stairs were perfectly polished with a red carpet positioned in the middle. As I made it up the stairs I knocked on the door.  A few minutes later, the door was flung open as I saw his huge smile.

He was clothed in cream coloured khakis, and a white and blue checkered flannel. "Hello." I smiled and he motioned for me to come in. I walked in and gushed at the view before me. It was a table with a white table cloth over it with a candle in the middle, with roses surrounding it. I felt his hand on my lower back and his tender lips against my cheek. I blushed slightly as he ushered me to the table and pulled out my chair. Ever since I stepped foot into this place, the smile never left my face. As I sat he reached his hand across the table and rested it on mine. Two plates were placed on the table, but I was too mesmerized in his chocolate brown eyes to see who sat them down. "This is all so beautiful, thank you." 
He rubbed small circles into the palm of my hand with his thumb, "Oh it was nothing, anything for you." 
This whole night so far has been amazing. As I took my hand away and started eating he did the same, but I saw a black tattoo peeking from under his shirt sleeve every time his arm flexed. My palms got sweaty as I took my gaze away from him and down at my food.  We ate in silence, our knees brushing against one another every once in a while. He stood from his seat,and stood before me with his hand extended out. I took it and stood as he guided me over to a big window. I gazed at the city scenery before me. It was gorgeous, he wrapped his muscular arms around my waist and I could feel his hot breath against my neck. "You look beautiful tonight Laurel." His thick Bradford accent making me basically putty in his hands.

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