Being Louis Tomlinsons Sister...

Being the sister of a pop star isn't so easy... Especially being the sister of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson.
Hi I'm Jay-Marie Tomlinson and yes I'm Louis Tomlinsons little' sister by 1 year. I Have Long , wavy Brown Hair and big Blue eyes, I'm tall and slim and I love food!
Having a famous brother is amazing and all,but I havent seen louis since i was 17 and he was 18 ,he's now 23 and I'm 22. He's just been so busy with touring with his band mates,I'm so worried if he's changed , we used to be so close and now we don't even text anymore.
I Don't Live With My Parents, You See, I had to move out as it was to crowded and I needed space, so now I live in a 2 bedroom house round the corner from my mum and step dad.
I have 7 Younger Siblings,Charlotte (Lottie) who is 14, Felicite (Fizzy) who is 13,The Twins Phoebe and Daisy are 10,Doris and twin brother Ernest are about 8 months old. I also have a sister from mine and louis dads side called Georgia who is 15.


3. chapter3

Jay POV 
We were Now in London! I haven't been here since I was 17! We've planned on staying in london For Two weeks!
"This is Going to be AMAZING!" Chloe yelled as the four of us entered the expensive hotel.
Once we got are keys, we got the lift to our floor and ran to our room , and may I say it was massive! 
It had 5 Bedrooms,a living room,a kitchen, a large balcony, on suite bathroom and a games room! 
"Wow this is bigger than my house !" Shaynner yelled as she dived on the sofa.
"Right everyone choose your room,unpack and get ready to party " destiny yelled as she through her hands in the air we laughed and darted in diffrent directions to choose our bedrooms and guess what I got the master bedroom! Yasss!
After about an Hour of Unpacking an get ready, it was now 9pm,and the club dident open until 10 pm. I had an shower and decided on wearing a tight black body con top with a pink aztec skirt 
 with black high heals and I curled my hair and applied eyeliner 
I stepped out my room to see chloe in a red dress that came mid thigh,destiny in high wasted shorts and a crop top and shaynner in a body con dress.
We headed out and walked to the club,and waited in the large line.
 We chatted for about 10 minutes as the doors opened and the bouncers let people in one by one. "I heard this is the place where the celbrities all hang out"destiny said as we entered the building it was packed. We headed to the bar and got 3 rounds of shots after we downed them I started to feel light headed. Tonights gonna be along night


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