Being Louis Tomlinsons Sister...

Being the sister of a pop star isn't so easy... Especially being the sister of One Direction's Louis Tomlinson.
Hi I'm Jay-Marie Tomlinson and yes I'm Louis Tomlinsons little' sister by 1 year. I Have Long , wavy Brown Hair and big Blue eyes, I'm tall and slim and I love food!
Having a famous brother is amazing and all,but I havent seen louis since i was 17 and he was 18 ,he's now 23 and I'm 22. He's just been so busy with touring with his band mates,I'm so worried if he's changed , we used to be so close and now we don't even text anymore.
I Don't Live With My Parents, You See, I had to move out as it was to crowded and I needed space, so now I live in a 2 bedroom house round the corner from my mum and step dad.
I have 7 Younger Siblings,Charlotte (Lottie) who is 14, Felicite (Fizzy) who is 13,The Twins Phoebe and Daisy are 10,Doris and twin brother Ernest are about 8 months old. I also have a sister from mine and louis dads side called Georgia who is 15.


1. Chapter1

Jay's POV

Today,Its Sunday,Which means family dinner at my mums,great!
I Got Out Of Bed headed to the bathroom,had a shower,brushed my teeth and did my hair. After I had done, I decided on wearing a simple cream,summer dress that came about mid thigh as it was actraully hot today! I also decided to wear brown flats and a brown belt to go wtih the outfit.
Once I was ready, I grabbed my keys,my phone and my sunglasses and headed out the door and walked to my mums.
About 5 minutes later, I was at her door step knocking on the door,Daisy answered the door and smiled brightly 
'JJ!' She yelled as she hugged me 
'Hii' we walked in and it was really quite which is so odd as its normally so noisy. As I Entered The living room,my mum was sat on the floor playing with the twins and daisy and phoebe where watching tv. 
I propped my self down on the sofa and checked my twitter to see that one direction are performing in london today.
All of a sudden there was shouting "Lottie Give it back!" Fizzy Screamed as lottie ran downstairs with fizzys phone in her hand laughing "I swear to god if you don't give I'll kill you! " she yelled and charged at lottie who divided on the sofa beside me this caused the twins to start crying and daisy and phoebe to start arguing over something I huffed at all the noise and rubbed my temples todays gonna be a long day.




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