Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


9. Chapter 9

Hey guys! I KNOW I'VE BEEN SO LATE ON UPDATING AND I AM SOO SORRY!:(  It is now time for this update:)so please enjoy ;)


Warning;cussing,sexual mentionings




"Wake up y/n, you'll be late!" My dad called from downstairs.


I sat up quickly, but immediately regretted it, when I felt my head pound.


I gently turned my head to look at my phone.


'8:10' SHIT! I work in the library and I'm usually there at 8.


Maybe Ruth will let it slide?


I ALWAYS get up early...


My head hurts, what the fuck?


"YOU UP?!" My dad called.


"YES DAD THANKYOU!" I called back hopping out of bed.


Ok, I guess no hopping today.


I decided that since I'd taken a shower last night, I was okay enough for school.


I got dressed in black skinny jeans with a turquoise 'Mayday Parade' pullover shirt and my turquoise TOMs and brushed out my hair leaving it down.


I put on my everyday makeup (eyeliner&mascara) and walked to my room.


I heard my phone beep and went to look at it.


I picked my phone up off of bed and read the message.




'I KNOW I SOWWY' I replied getting my bag and shutting my door.


I hurried down the stairs trying to forget the headache.


*beep beep*




I went into the kitchen and kissed my parents goodbye and flew out the door.


I got into Maria's car and gently shut the door because I didn't want the sound of the slamming door to make my head pound worse.


"Hey doofus, why ya late?" She asked loudly.


I don't think she meant to be loud, but she has one of those voices that carries, so everyone can hear, just like her laugh.


"I love you I really do, but shut up." I mumbled.


"EXCUSE ME?!" She asked offended and louder.


"Please, you're shouting." I pleaded resting my head on the cool window.


"Always do." She giggled. "Hangover?"


"No..." I mumbled.


"I have one, but not as bad as yours apparently." She laughed.


I rolled my eyes and slowly closed them, the cool window chilling my face but forgetting to help my terrible throbbing brain.


"We're here." Maria said bringing me back to reality.


"Okay." I sighed.


I brought down the car mirror seeing that the window had left a light pink imprint on my right cheek and a little moisture from the condensation.


I rubbed the cheek and gave up trying to make it go away. I guess it'll go away on its own.


I got out, as did Maria and we looked around seeing everyone already here.


People scattered from the lot to the doors and probably crowding the hall.


I started walking with Maria down the concrete pathway checking my phone for the time.


'8:50' I'm just happy school doesn't start until 9:10.


We were walking slowly and having small talk over different rock bands and comparing them with others.


"Wait a second." Maria said just above a whisper.


I stopped like she did as she looked around us.


Every head turned away and began engaging in random conversation.


I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion and continued walking with Maria by my side as we both still looked around us as more and more people looked away and whispering to colleagues and others staring with wide eyes mouths agape.


"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?!" Maria asked getting mad and everyone turned away, like they were shunned.


"Let's just go." I whispered grabbing her forearm and dragging her to my locker.


I had gotten many stares growing up, I was used to them, but that doesn't mean they still don't sting a little.


"Why are they staring at us?" She asked as I opened my locker.


"I don't know Mari, what'd we even do?" I asked putting away my bag but grabbing my phone, since I had a couple free-periods today.


"Well, we sleep, we breathe, we-" She explains.


"Shut up." I laugh a little at her ignorant response.


"Haha, got you to laugh." She laughed.


"Whatever." I grinned as we walked to the cafeteria to talk.


As soon as we entered those doors- almost like I was jerking a puppets string-heads whipped around glancing at us and turning to whisper.


I froze at the door as Maria folded her arms.


No one really got to Maria, at least not without permission first.


Everyone liked her, she was nice, funny, and very social, but she was also loud, sassy, and very independent.


She was everything I wished I was.


I had friends, sure, but I'm not stupid, I can tell the difference between someone who cares and people who just don't give a shit...and those people are my 'friends', all except Maria.


"Come on." Maria whispered bringing me out of my thoughts as we walked to a table with only 2other kids at it.


We sat down, just as they got up and sat with someone else.


"Ass wipes." She mumbled.


I kept my sights on everyone else, as they gave me glances and smirks.


Smirks? Why the smirks?


Oh, god, it must be pretty bad for someone to freaking smirk.


"Hey guys!" Our friend Beverly giggled sitting next to me with a wink.


"Why are you so happy?" Maria asked.


"Why aren't you guys?!" She giggled.


Maria raised her eyebrow and I just stared at her.


"Pfft, if you're making me say it I'll just show you!" She laughed. "It's all over twitter that Y/n-" She said taking out her phone and showing me a tweet.


'Heard myself that the innocent yet sassy miss Y/n has finally swiped her v-card with Ashton Fletcher Irwin, let me repeat that so it can sink in...ASHTON IRWIN! She probably rode him into high heaven, and to think, we all thought they HATED each other, I guess anger sex helps. ;)That's my man! WAY TO GO @AshtonIrwin ! -Mikey'


I stared at her in disbelief.


and whispered to myself "No, no, no, no, no, no, no."


I felt my breath pickup and I felt as if even more eyes were on me in that moment.


"That's a lie!" Maria announced giving Beverly a terrible face. "She tells me EVERYTHING and she's not a virgin! and no way in hell would she sleep with that fucking dick." She said almost growling.


"I don't know...It is on twitter, and Michael said he hear 'himself' plus why would that be something to lie about?" Beverly asked.


Now, Beverly is nice, she really is, I consider her one of my best friends and I love her, but she really doesn't have much of common sense. She believes a lot that's said/told to her.


"Okay, sure, but what if I wrote on twitter RIGHT NOW saying you wear sexy bras and like to fuck in cars with strangers?" Maria threatened pulling out her phone.


"B-But that's a lie." Beverly said with a look of terror in her eyes.


I looked at Maria and laughed to myself.


Anyone who knew Maria, truly knew her, would know that she would NEVER do that to someone. Ever.


She was just doing this to make a point.


"Exactly, it's a lie, but people that read it wont know that, they'll think it's true because I'm your friend and it's online." Maria said putting away her phone.


Beverly let out a sigh and rolled her eyes. "Well, that's why everyone is looking at you guys."


"Seriously?" I asked.


Beverly nodded.


"I'm gonna fuck up that motherfuckers fucking face." Maria announced standing up as I attempted to grab her arm.


"Calm down Mari, Y/n can just tell people it's a lie." Beverly smiled.


I swear, this girl has no clue about the world, but I guess she's alright because I still hang out with her and enjoy it.


"Dumbass, she can't! It's all for the world to see now! She can't do ANYTHING!" Maria said yanking her arm away from me.


Those word sunk in deep.


I can't do anything.


Maria let out a small laugh and Beverly and I looked up at her while she smirked.


"What?" Beverly asked.


"She can't do anything, but I can." She said as she walked away.


I got up and followed her knowing she was going to be looking for Ashton.


Which didn't take long as she stopped right in front of him in the hallway.


I was beside her trying my best to convince her to stop and go back to the cafeteria, but once she had her mind set, there was no changing it.


"Excuse me?" Maria asked softly.


Oh god, when she was REALLY mad her voice got soft, it made her more scary.


Ashton looked away from his 'posy' and glanced at us and attempted to finish his conversation.


I say 'attempted' because no way in hell would Maria let him.


"I said excuse me." Maria said a little louder.


Ashton friends looked at us and a few let out a scoff.


"I have to go guys, drink later?" Ashton laughed as they agreed and walked away.


His laugh was obviously fake, along with his whole attitude.


"What the fuck do you guys want?" Ashton said as his friends were out of sight.


"Well, less than the attention you want." Maria said.


"What do you mean?" Ashton said leaning against the lockers.


Maria pulled out her phone and waited for twitter to load, as I stood there shaking every second and avoiding the eyes I knew were on me.


"This." Maria growled showing him the phone.


Ashton glanced and rolled his eyes. "And?"




"I wasn't smoking anything, can't say the same for Michael, but I barely even had anything to drink since I had to walk dumbo here home." He said gesturing to me.


"I didn't ask you to." I said, finally speaking up.


"Really? Lucas pushed you down the stairs Y/n, you were bleeding, I wasn't going to be the guy that didn't walk you home! I'm a gentleman, even to losers." He scoffed.


I looked back down to my feet.


I would've fought back but my head was, now, pounding more than ever. It felt like it was going to burst.


"She's not the one who pretended to sleep with someone even though, it's obvious it's a lie." Maria snipped.


"It's not a lie to them." Ashton said pointing to the students in the cafeteria.


"Just admit it's a lie!" I pleaded.


"That's what you want?" He asked as I nodded. "Then, no."


"TELL THE TRUTH ASSHOLE!" Maria yelled as Ashton walked by the cafeteria doors.


"Y/N! YES! Y/N,JUST LIKE THAT! YESYES!" Ashton 'moaned' with small pants as the chatter in the cafeteria stopped.


I stood there with my mouth stitched shut as I felt my eyes fill with a glossy cover.


Ashton turned away from the door and gave us a grin. "There you go sweeties." and he walked away.


"That little-" Maria started but I felt the world freeze so I couldn't even hear her.


"Y/n?!" Beverly yelled coming out of the cafeteria.


I stood there staring were Ashton used to be.


"It's not true is it?" Beverly asked getting worried.


"WHY THE FUCK WOULD IT BE TRUE?!" Maria shouted.


Beverly sighed and looked at me. "Is she okay?" She asked.


"WHY WOULD SHE BE OKAY?!" Maria responded. "Sorry, just that mother fucking dick never knows how to shut the hell up."


"It's okay, I understand." Beverly said giving me a tight side hug, which I ignored.


"Let's just ditch, it's not like we're actually gonna focus after this." Maria said sighing.


All three of us actually enjoyed school. The teachers loved us, we exceled in classes and it was a time where we could all hangout together.


Not anymore. Not for me anyways.


"My parents are gone on business we can go to mine?" Beverly said smiling.


Maria nodded as they started walking.


I stood still in the hall and then started to slowly walk toward the doors.


"Whore." Someone shouted as I reached the handle.


"And in school?! Why would you do that, Attention?" Someone else asked as I opened the door.


it all seemed to go in slow motion as I walked down the cement steps and down the cement pathway following Maria and Beverly as they chatted about revenge on Ashton.


Why would he say it was true? Why would he do that to me? How dare he?


He's the guy that sleeps around, NOT ME! He uses everyone, for his own little twisted game, NOT ME!


Why are they calling me names? IT'S JUST A RUMOR! Even if it was true, even though it's not, Ashton's slept with WAY more people than me! And he's acting like it's a reward as they praise him.


If I had slept with Ash, then that would only be the 2nd person ever.




"Coming?" Beverly asked breaking my thoughts.


Everyone seems to be breaking my train of thought today, thank god.


"Yeah." I mumbled getting into her car.


"I have to take my car, but I'll you guys there." Maria said waving as she got into her car.


She liked her car but she always wanted a jeep. Her mom bought her a mustang instead for her birthday, she still liked it though. It was a beautiful car how could you not! A shiny black mustang, every ones dream car, except hers.


I mean I was jealous, since the only one without a car...probably because I don't even have my license yet, BUT THAT'S JUST A MINOR DETAIL.


Beverly started the engine and a song came on that I'd heard before.


"I-I can turn it off if you want!" Beverly said reaching for the button.


"No, no it's fine, they're pretty good." I laughed.


"...This is 5 seconds of summer..." She said as we backed out of the lot.


"I know, Maria showed me." I said turning it up a little.


"O-Okay..." She said.


Why were they so shocked I found the band good? They're just a band.


We arrived at her house and Maria was already there with McDonalds.


We all went up to the 3rd floor, yes, Beverly has a 3story house, and shut the door as we all crammed onto the bed.


*beep beep*


My phone buzzed but I ignored it.


"Answer your god damn phone Y/n." Maria laughed pausing the movie we just started.


"Hello?" I asked into the phone.


"Y/n, what's going on?" A guy said from the other side. A guy- Luke.


"What do you mean?" I asked.


"Everyone's telling me you fucked Ashton, are you kidding me?" Luke said and I could tell he was getting irritated.


"No, Luke, it's just a rumor, please." I begged.


"People even said they heard you guys this morning fucking in the bathroom!" Luke said.


"No! Ashton hates me, he's doing this to- to- I don't even know why he's doing this, but he is!" I said trying to convince him it was all just a rumor.


He let out a sigh "Can we talk in person?" He asked calmly.


"I ditched." I stated.


"No, no" He giggled which made me smile, "I mean like a date?"


I paused. "Yeah sure." I said smiling wide.


"Great! I have to get to class, see you tomorrow at 7?" He said.


"Mhm" I replied.


"I'll text you, bye" He said before hanging up.


"I'm going on a date tomorrow!" I said putting up my phone.


"WITH WHO?!" Maria and Beverly asked at the same time.


"Luke." I smiled.


They both smiled with me and we all hugged, and fan-girled just a little...


"Hopefully Ashton doesn't see or know." Beverly laughed.


I stopped laughing when Ashton was mentioned.


"Shit, I forgot about earlier today..." I mumbled then groaned.


"It's okay, you'll have an amazing date, and Ashton will be jealous one day that he treated you like shit and started rumors." Maria stated.


"Michael, technically, started it, by tweeting it to the world." Beverly corrected.


Maria turned and gave her the 'I don't care' look and gave her a little shove.


"Let's watch the rest of the movie." Beverly laughed pressing play to 'Magic Mike'.


I couldn't stop thinking during the movie, I should've been watching, but instead I was thinking of all the different ways my date with Luke could go badly.


That's all for tonight guys! Idk Ashton's old twitter and stuff so I just put @AshtonIrwin. And sorry again for the lack of updates, so I made this one kinda long to make up for it, and I hope it was okay, Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all













































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