Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


8. Chapter 8

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I've been introduced to the show 'Gossip Girl' 0: Anyhoo(; Let's get on with the story!

Sarah= your mom






"U-Uh...S-sure" Ashton stuttered walking with me up to my front door.


I opened the door and let him in first.


"Mom's home, but dad's on a trip" I said shutting the door.


"Nice." Ashton laughed.


My mom knew Ashton, she used to be 'besties' with his mom...That was, of course, a long time ago, when I was friends with Ashton.


"Honey, you home?" My mom called from the living room. "I found this REALLY cute dress online and I was wondering if you wanted-...Oh hello!!!"


I started blushing...I don't normally wear dresses, especially ones my mom chooses.


"Hi." Ashton smiled showing off his dimples.


"This Luke?" My mom asked. "He looks cuter than in the sure this is the boy you showed me?" She asked eyeing Ashton.


"No mom...This isn't Luke, it's Ashton Irwin." I said biting my lip. He was NOT cuter than Luke!


"IRWIN?!" My mom laughed shocked, "OH GOSH, YOU'RE SO HANDSOME! Y/N NEVER TOLD ME YOU WERE DATING!" My mom yelled.


"Haha, that's probably because-" Ashton was about to say.


"We aren't" I said cutting him off.


My mom's smile fell. "Oh...well it's wonderful to see you Ashton!" She said giving him a hug.


"You too Sarah." Ashton smiled again returning the hug.


"No funny business! Y/n I know he's quote-unquote 'hot' but keep your hands off of him in my home." My mom warned laughing and going into the kitchen.


I stood there blushing as Ashton laughed his ass off.


"NO PROBLEM!" I yelled still blushing. "Let's just go upstairs now." I cleared my throat leading him up the stairs into my room.


Thank god I cleaned yesterday.


"You listen to these bands?" He asked looking at my poster covered walls.


"Yeah." I said shutting my door.


"LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN!" My mom yelled from downstairs.


I blushed again and opened my door slightly.


"HAHAHA!!!" Ashton laughed his face turning red from lack of oxygen.


"Shut up." I said rolling my eyes.


I sat on my bed and felt my head.


"You okay?" He asked sitting beside me with his eyes full of concern.


"Yeah..." I said grabbing his hand "You?"


"Perfectly fine." He smiled. "I'll go get some ice." He said walking down the stairs and coming back with an ice pack.


He sat back down beside me and put it up to my head and held it there.


I smiled and bit my lip- "Your turn." I said putting the pack on his hand as he winced.


"Lip rings aren't my thing" He laughed.


"I can tell." I laughed.


"It cut my hand up pretty bad huh?" He said looking down at his hand.


"Yeah, probably can't write with it, but you can use your other hand." I said reassuring him.


"Well, you can't play drums with only one hand, now can you?" He smirked a little disappointed.


I sat shocked. "You play the drums?" I asked.


"Yeah, I'm in a band." He smiled.


"Cool." I said putting the ice on my bedside table.


"Yep." He laughed.


A band? Hmmm. Oh well. I shook the feeling and laid back on my bed.


I got up immediately noticing I was still in my dress.


I stood up and grabbed some clothes from my drawer as Ashton plopped down onto my bed. "I'm going to go change." I said walking into the bathroom.


I took off my shoes and reached for the zipper, but couldn't reach it...shit.


I tried over, and over, and over again, trying my best to avoid a situation in asking Ashton for any help whatsoever.


I finally gave up and stepped out of the bathroom and into my room.


"I see you didn't change." Ashton said looking my way.


I let out a sigh. "I-I need your help to un-zip my dress..." I rolled my eyes, looking to the ground.


"Oh-yeah-uh, Sure." He said hopping off my bed and walking my way.


I turned around and moved all my hair to one side when I felt his warm fingers touch my cold shoulders.


He slowly traced his hands to the zipper and slowly un-zipped.


I feel like I'm about to die! He's going too slow and I just wanna hurry and change!!!


"There, all done." He whispered in my ear as one of my straps fell off my shoulder.


"Uh-yup, Thanks." I said hurriedly running into the bathroom.


I slipped off my dress and put on my sweat pants and an All Time Low shirt on.


I still felt the shivers lingering on my spine from his hot breath.


I shook the feeling, once again, and walked out putting my dress in the laundry and my shoes by the door of my room.


"Finished?" Ashton asked closing his eyes like a dork.

"Yes sir." I laughed.

He uncovered his eyes and smiled wide. "ATL ATL ATL ATL!!!" He laughed jumping around.


"You like All Time Low?" I asked laughing.


"I'd be lying if I said no." He laughed "I just didn't know losers listen to them too!"


I laughed but stopped and froze.


He smiled and stopped and froze as well.


"I-I didn't mean it like that I just-" He tried explaining coming closer to me.


"How'd you mean it then huh?" I asked stepping back.


"I don't know, just like...I don't know..." He said scratching the back of his neck.


"Yeah, I don't know either." I 'smiled' "Go." I said pointing to the door.



"But, y/n... you know what?...fine." He said grabbing his phone off my bed and walking to the door.



"Bye." I sang slamming my door shut.



"Bitch." He mumbled through the door and left.



I grabbed my phone and texted Maria.



'Home, invited Ashton inside(bad idea btw), he left calling me a bitch. Now for Netflix! Have fun with Cal babe.'



I walked to my computer and opened Netflix and my phone dinged.



'That fucking prick, anyhoo, Cal had to leave early(not w/out sticking his tongue down my throat first) (; -Maria'



'EWWWWWWWW STAWP!'  I texted laughing.



'Kay, just tell me when you want me to kick some Ashton ass! <3 ya babe -Maria'



'K, have fun, I'll just be watching the flix.' I texted smiling. 'Kick some soon!'


I put up my phone and started a movie.


Ashton's P.O.V


God, I'm such an idiot!!




I stood in her drive way yelling at myself.


I looked up at her house and saw y/n walking around her room through her window.


I stared as her body moved from place to place and settled on her bed with something in her lap and a light reflecting on her face, a laptop.


I started walking away from her house and to mine.


"I'm home" I called out to my mom as I ran up the stairs and into my room.


"Nice to see you too son." She yelled.


I went to my bed and called Michael.


"Sup!" He yelled through the phone.


"Still at the party?" I asked laughing.


"DUH!" He yelled over the background music. "Why'd you leave?!"


"I went home with Y/n" I said.




I threw my phone on the floor and rubbed my face...Wait...I didn't sleep with her...shit.


"God, I'm so tired" I said to myself.


I changed into some pajama pants and a muscle tee and collapsed back onto my bed.


I thought to myself of what previously happened at y/n's house and what would've happened if I didn't say what I did.


Could we have been bestfriends again, like we were, when we were younger?

I kept thinking until I drifted off to sleep to wake up to another day of hell, sorry, school.


That's all for tonight! ): I hope this chapter was okay, I don't know, anyways, I'll update when I can babes(: Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all







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