Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


7. Chapter 7

Hey babes(: I hope you like this 0:






I got a text from Luke saying he wanted to go to a party with me and I,gladly, accepted.


I called Maria and she said she got invited by Calum, so we're getting ready together at her house.


we both put on mascara and eyeliner and tried to find something to wear.


"I don't know what to wear Mari." I complained laying on her bed.


"Wah, Wah, Wah, suck it up Princess we'll find something" She said seriously, then broke out laughing.


"Blah." I groaned.


"Here, try this." She said throwing a blue dress and shoes my way.


"K" I laughed and went to try it on.


I fit well, Navy blue dress long as a little above the knee and was flowy, with tan flats.


"Trade the flats!" I yelled walking out of the bathroom.


"No, suck it up, buttercup" Maria laughed coming out of her room wearing a black cocktail dress with black heels.


"How many cocktail dresses do you have?!" I asked walking to her.


"Enough." She laughed "Lets go!"


"GAH!" I groaned following her down the stairs.


Maria in heels, was faster than me with my flats. She was like a professional in heels.


"Get in the car bimbo!" She yelled from her car.


I got in and buckled up and turned on the radio.


"Don't get mad." Maria said biting her lip as the radio blasted a song.


"She looks so perfect standin there in my American Apparel underwear, And I know now, that I'm so downnn"


"Hmm?" I asked. "They're pretty good!" I laughed.


"WHAT?! REALLY?!" Maria asked shocked.


"Yeah! Who is this?" I checked the cd. "5 Seconds Of Summer? I don't know them, oh well, they're good"


"Haha.....Yep." Maria said awkwardly shifting.


I decided to ignore her strange acts and focus more on the fact that I'm going to yet another party, in which is going to include Ashton Irwin.


"GAH!" I groaned.


"What now?!" Maria laughed as we pulled into a lot full of other cars.


"Ashton's going to be here" I rolled my eyes getting out.


"What have I told you all day?" Maria said sternly.


"I know, I know, suck it up, got it mom" I laughed as we walked up the pathway and opened the door.


"I swear don't leave me again Mari...-Mari? MARI? WHERE ARE YOU?" I asked looking through the crowd.


I finally found Maria dancing in the crowd next to Calum and a few other boys from our school...but mostly Calum...


I rolled my eyes and groaned, I HATE parties.


All I have to do is say hi to Luke and go home and watch Netflix or something.


"Y/N!" Someone called coming towards me.


"Yes?" I asked seeing Luke come out from the crowd.


"COME WITH ME!" He giggled, obviously drunk, and lead me upstairs and into a room.


"Why are we here?" I asked looking around.


"You like me right?" He asked.


"Well.." I blushed.


"See I knew it, nothing a little smooch can hurt, right?" He said kissing my cheek twice.


"That's sweet Luke, but I don't plan on...ya'know...." I trailed off.


"Are you scared?" He asked.


"No." I said sternly.


"Then what's the problem?" He asked coming closer again.


"You're being the problem right now Lucas" I said. " Get sober and then talk to me." I smiled and waved.


I was about to walk down the stairs when I was pushed instead.


I fell only about 4steps and looked up to see who it was.


The music died down as everyone stared.


"Y/N?! WHAT THE FUCK?" Maria yelled angrily coming over to help me up.


"LUCAS?! WHAT THE FUCK?!" Calum interfered.


"I didn't mean too! I reached out to grab her and I was pushed so I accidentally pushed her! IM SO SORRY Y/N! OH GOD, IM SO SORRY!" Luke yelled coming down the stairs.


"Get away, sick bastard." Maria growled.


"It's okay Luke, I'm fine..." I trailed off holding my head.


"Y/n, I really am sorry!" Luke yelled as Maria walked me out.


"You suck at going to parties sweetie, I swear, what am I gonna do with you?" Maria laughed.


"No idea." I laughed.


She set me down on the steps.


"Go back inside, I'll walk home." I said smiling at her worried face.


"IS SHE OKAY?!" Calum asked running outside with Ashton right behind him.


My head hurt too much to give Ashton an ugly look or to even care that he's here.


"I'm okay...." I said calmly "Maria, go back inside with Cal, and you guys have fun, okay?" I smiled.


"Well, just so you know Luke was taken care of..." Calum laughed a little.


"What do you mean?" I asked looking up at him and Ashton.


Oh god. Ashton's knuckles have blood on them...


"Well, you see..." Calum began to explain which made Ashton laugh.


"I would've beaten the prick myself if I wasn't helping y/n" Maria joined in. She's only 5'2 but she's fucking scary when she wants to be...Trust me.


"He didn't mean too Maria" I defended.


"Whatever." She rolled her eyes.


"I'm gonna walk come" I smiled getting up and almost falling.


"You almost fell" Maria stated standing up to help me.


"But, you see, I didn't" I laughed "Go have fun and text me in the morning and we can chill or something."


"...Okay..." She hesitated going up the steps to Calum as they smiled at each other and pushed past Ashton to go inside.


I walked down the steps and, slowly, started walking home.


"Wait!" Ashton called from behind me.


"Hmm?" I asked as he came up beside me.


"I'm gonna walk you home...Just to make sure you're alright." He explained scratching the back of his neck.


"K" I said too exhausted to argue.


"WHAT? REALLY?!" Ashton laughed shocked as we walked side by side.


"Meh." I shrugged.


"Okay." He smiled to himself.


I felt the back of my head once more because it fucking hurt like hell.


"Here" Ashton said sitting me down and looking at my head. "You're bleeding...But only a little, so you'll be okay, no stitches are gonna be needed." He said almost like he cared.


"Best news all day" I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes.


"Haha, very funny" Ashton laughed sarcastically, which made me smile because barely anyone had the sarcasm I did.


He bent down and lent me his hand to help me up.


I grabbed it and noticed how bad the cut was on his knuckles and that it wasn't only Luke's but also his blood.


"Why?" I asked getting up still holding his hand.


"Why what?" He asked clueless.


"Did you hit Luke, your knuckles are bleeding." I said holding his hand and grazing the cut with my fingertips.




I looked at the cut on my knuckles from Luke's lip ring when I punched him in the jaw.


Leaving both his and my blood on my knuckles.


"Well, he made your head bleed." I stated touching the back of y/n head since she still hadn't let go of my hand.


"Yeah, but he didn't mean too." She defended looking into my eyes.


"Well I didn't punch him 'that' hard." I smiled.


"Okay." She smiled as we started walking to her house again.


After about 5minutes I felt a stinging sensation and looked down to see Y/n STILL holding my hand but she started rubbing her thumb over the cut.


She realized she hurt me and apologized taking her hand off mine making my hand now cold from the absence of hers.


"Sorry..." She whispered again and blushed a little. "This is my house." She said as we arrived in a drive way.


"Oh." I said more disappointed than I thought.


"...Wanna come in?" She asked blushing a little.


That's all for now(: I know it's kinda short, sorry ): I hope you liked this update! (: Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all










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