Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


6. Chapter 6

Hey guys(: sorry I haven't updated this in a while but I was updating the others. But HERE (:






'No I swear..." I spoke to Maria through the phone about Michael last night.


"Wow...well sorry I wasn't there" she giggled.


"Well you had Calum Hood's tongue down your throat" I laughed sitting on my couch.


"And what a good tongue it was" she laughed.


"Well how'd it go?" I asked.


"We actually didn't even hook up..."


"WHAT?!" I asked shocked.


"Yeah, he said he wanted to move slow but that he liked the tongue too" she said.


I could tell by her voice she was smiling.


"Hey!" I yelled.




"It's Calum Hood...he's a player, just don't get too involved" I said.


"I won't y/'s just for some fun while a popular guy acts like he likes people like us-just. Fun. " she responded.


I think she said just fun twice for herself. So she'd believe it.


"Yeah okay"


"So- after Michael, what happened?" She asked.


"Well then Ashton walked me home." I said. I couldn't help but smile and then knock the smile off my face.


"ASHTON?! IRWIN?!" She screeched.


"Yeah...? The asshole? Yeah him." I laughed.


"Shut up! Did he kiss you good night?" She giggled.


"Hell no, I wouldn't let him EVER get close enough to my body to kiss it." I laughed. "Maybe my ass..."


"bad girl! Haha! Anyway gotta go Cal's here to take me to lunch" she said and hung up.


I sighed an rolled over on the couch.


"MOM! DAD!" I yelled still laying.


"What's wrong?" My mother asked concerned walking into the room.


"She's hungry" my dad laughed grabbing his keys off the counter. "Pizza?"


I jumped off the couch "Hell ya!"


"Watch your mouth please" my mom begged as my dad and I ran out the house.


I got in his SUV and we went to Pizza Hut .


In the middle of eating my dad got a phone call.


"Yeah. Okay. Ugh. Fine. Bye." He responded to the other person.


"What's wrong?" I asked seeing him get up.


"I gotta go back to work, get yourself a ride? Sorry..." He said as I nodded and he left.


I looked down a grabbed my piece of pizza and took a bite.


I wasn't disappointed, kinda expected it really, he works a lot, and my mom works from home but ignores me. Oh well.


I are another bite and looked around.


"Hey" Luke said walking into the place.


I was currently eating pizza and just waved.


"Can I have a piece, so it's free?" He asked winking as he sat across from me. I swallowed and smiled.


"Sure, might as well"


"LUCAS?!" Someone yelled after the bell of the door rang.


"Over here!" Luke yelled smiling at me and taking a bite of pizza.


"Oh hey Luke how's it go-..." Michael said with Ashton showing up right behind him.


Ashton looked at us and rolled his eyes.


"I would give you a nasty look but it seems like you already have one." I said smiling taking a sip of my coke.


"Shut the fuck up will ya?" Ashton exclaimed. "Why the fuck are you with y/n anyways Lucas?"


"She's cool." Luke smiled at me and winked then looked back at Ashton and smiled.


"Stop. Now." Ashton warned.


"I gotta go guys, sorry, have fun with the free pizza Luke!" I smiled walking out of Pizza Hut.


Shit. I don't have a ride...guess I have to walk.


I was walking for about 2minutes before I realized a car was following me.


I started to take shortcuts but that didn't help.


I stopped walking and turned around.


God, it took all the courage I had to walk up to the car but I made it seem like I was full of confidence.


I stood beside the car and knocked on the shaded window.


The window rolled down to reveal Luke driving, Ashton in passenger, and Michael in the back seat.


"Why. The. FUCK. Are you following me?" I asked extending the cuss word.


"Scared?" Michael chirped.


"Shut up." I said rolling my eyes.


"Sorry Ash wanted to make sure you got home" Luke said looking at Ashton and grinning.


"That's bullshit, anyways, I'm fine you guys go home." I said walking off.




Luke rolled up his window as y/n walked away.


The wind was blowing her hair perfectly, well not perfect, but she looked good. Her tight black skinny jeans and long Fall Out Boy shirt and her combat boots with her hair falling on her shoulders.


"Why'd you say I cared?" I asked Luke as he started the car.


"Because we all fucking know you do." He smiled. "Anyways, might as well give her a lot of attention before her heart's broken" he laughed.


Both Mikey and I looked at him curiously.


"What do you mean?" Michael finally said.


"Well, you can tell by the way she looks at me that she likes me, so I'll take that as a go for a hit it and quit it." Luke laughed.


"What?!" I responded too quickly for my own good and too loudly as well.


"You don't care, so it's fine...unless you do?" Luke grinned looking at me quickly and turning his focus back on the road.


"....I don't...I don't care." I said sternly.


"Okay good. So my plans in action." Luke said turning on the radio as we drove to Calum's house in silence.


We arrived at Calum's house right as he pulled in. Weird.


"Where'd ya go Cal?" Michael asked getting out of the car.


Ashton and I got out too.


"Oh where" he blushed and opened his front door to let us all in.


"LIES!" Luke laughed.


"Fine, but shut up ok?" Calum say on his couch and smiled "I went on a date...she's really beautiful and is just- perfect and when she laughs it's awesome because it's so loud and it's amazing to be-"


"Cal...? You actually like a girl?" Michael asked cutting him off.


"Mikey, you have no idea." Cal smiled. He looked in love. Ew.


"What's her name?" I asked. He seemed happy so I just wanted to be nice.


"Her names Maria..." Calum said scratching the back of his neck.


"You mean y/n's best friend? Cool we'll be dating the coolest couple of friends!" Luke smiled.


"Yeah...wait what?" Calum said staring at Luke.


"I'm gonna ask y/n out." Luke grinned.


"You like her?" I asked sternly.


"PSHHH....I mean sure, yeah." Luke laughed.


"Wait your just gonna dump her? Why date her?" Michael asked.


"I told you already. She seems innocent, she likes me, so I'll hit it and quit it and she won't he so innocent." Luke smiled walking into the kitchen.


"That's fucked up Lucas, even for you." Calum said standing up "She's Maria's bestfriend and I swear to god if your actions fuck my relationship up you're dead"


"Blah blah blah, she'll be fine, I'll go easy...I'll try not to have her in love with me when I break up with her." Luke chuckled from the kitchen.


I wasn't shocked he was thinking of a hit it and quit it because that's just Luke, but with y/n...?


That's all for now! I hope you had very merry Christmas! (; Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all


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