Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


5. Chapter 5







We walked in and was packed.


"I'm gonna go get a drink!" Maria announced smiling.


She began dancing in the crowd to move through to the kitchen.


I stood there awkwardly staring at the crowd.


Sweating people,grinding against one another with a large amount of alcohol flowing through their veins.




I walked over to the kitchen leaving y/n at the door...I wasn't sorry I did, once I poured myself a glass of what ever the fuck was in the kitchen.


I turned to leave when I saw Calum Hood standing awkwardly beside the counter, smiling at the floor.


"Hey you!" I laughed taking a sip. I walked towards him.


He looked up and laughed. "HI MARIA!"


"So, what's so funny on the floor?" I asked about 5inches away from his body.


"What?...OH! Yeah, well I was just thinking of something..." He trailed off playing with his hands.


"Oh yeah?...Whatchya thinkin' about?" I asked smiling coming even closer...What can I say? He smelt good.


"Well, the guys...I mean my mates, they were telling me that I should-maybe- spill your dink on you and offer to get you a new one...Haha, but I see you're enjoying that and I'd hate to make you upset, so I'm just gonna stand here and talk to you." Calum said laughing looking at me as I inched closer.


The alcohol was working now after almost finishing my glass already.


"Haha, I'm enjoying other things too, and I bet you couldn't make me upset." I whispered the last part in his ear which made him stand up straight. I giggled and backed away looking at his, now awkward, figure.


He changed his stance so he looked a little cooler. I giggled and re-filled my drink.


"What kinda drinker are you?" He asked surprising me.


I grinned and turned around. "Any kind you want me to be"


"I like you the way you are" He grinned stepping a little closer.


"...Sooo you like me?" I giggled giving him a smirk as my drink was long forgotten.


"mmmmm. Did I say that aloud? Oops..." He mumbled smiling.


NO! NOT OOPS! BOY, YOU IS FLIRTIN' AND I CAN PLAY DIS GAME TOO! I said to myself in my head which made me laugh because I used weird slang all the time.


"What so funny?" Calum asked coming even closer. "That I like you?"


"Mmmm, NOPE." I said popping the 'p'.


"Then what?" He smiled.


"Just, you." I giggled.


"Alcohol is bad for young kids." He laughed.


"Honey, We go to the same school...Don't act like you can say that to me." I snipped, I always did that, y/n told me it was bad but hilarious...oops?


"Ah...Bad girl eh?" He whispered.


"I wouldn't say bad, more like, not good-" I explained but was cut off when Calum smashed his lips against mine...And there's the tongue.




I decided to walk in fully and I ended up in the living room...I think.


I looked in the kitchen and it seem Maria was enjoying herself, as she was now on the counter with Calum standing between her legs...sucking faces.


Maria probably knows that her and Calum aren't a 'thing' now, just for fun...she's just like this, 'Live like you can live twice', she'd say.


I sat on the couch and dreaded ever showing up.


I was zoned out but snapped back into reality as the couch sank from beside me.


"Heyyyy y/n" The boy slurred.


"Ummmm, do I know you?" I asked looking at him, trying to see his features better in the dark.


"YEAH! EVERYONE KNOWS ME! IT'S MICHAEL! FROM SPANISH?!" He laughed throwing his arm across my shoulders.


"Ah, yes, the one that can't speak Spanish after being in the class for 3years." I said snipping back, I was NOT planning on being here talking to one of Ashton's friends.


"Snippy are we?" He asked leaning in. I could smell the alcohol as he spoke.


"We? I don't think there's a 'we' in this." I said standing up.


"Y/n no need to be a bitch, You'd be glad to be hit on by me." He said getting up right behind me as I walked through the crowd to the front door.


'I'm leaving, sorry babe, just not made for this' I texted Maria 'Call me in the morning."


I got and instant reply 'K! Love ya! Be careful!"-Maria


I hurried outside the door with Michael right behind me.


I got outside as the cold air hit me, making my breath hitch.


I felt someone touch my shoulder so I turned around to see Michael with a beer in his hand.


"Michael, just leave me alone, I wanna go home." I complained.


"But you can't just leave! Hang with me for a while!?" He asked grabbing both shoulders.


"No, Michael, I'm going home, my parents are probably wondering where I am right now" I responded checking the time '11:30' ugh, too long of being here.


"No, oops, can't let ya go!" He laughed grabbing my waist.


"STOP!" I exclaimed hitting his arm.


"Stop whining y/n, you should just chillllllll." He slurred.


I hit his arm again but harder this time.


"STOP!" He yelled grabbing me tighter.


"Michael?" a deep voice asked.


I looked to the direction of the noise and saw Ashton leaning against the front door sipping his beer


"YEAH!?" Michael called back still holding me against him.


I looked at Michael and looked at Ashton and back to Michael, now that Michael was distracted maybe I can-


"NOPE BABE!" Michael said answering my question and pulling me back towards him.


I just let out a sigh and rolled my eyes. "Michael, I'd like to go home, please?" I asked. I just wanted to go and have a shower and watch Netflix, maybe some pizza...that's all, not be here next to a, cute, yet drunk boy.


" should just let her go?" Ashton suggested calmly taking another sip.


"MICHAEL, LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE!" A tall blonde boy said coming out of the house, pushing Ashton aside. Ashton mumbled something, rolled his eyes and just watched the conversation.


"Luke, just go away...I'm gonna get lucky, haha just kidding, she'll be the lucky one." Michael laughed and winked at me.


"Ugh. As if..." I rolled my eyes.


"Shush up, and let Lucas speak." Michael grinned.


"Mikey, the poor girl doesn't look like she'd wanna take this situation to the bedroom." Luke said putting a hand on Michaels shoulder.


"He's damn right." I mumbled.


"What was that y/n?" Michael said angrily.


"He usually isn't like this, he's actually pretty cool...sober." Ashton joined in laughing.


I just kept looking at Luke as he stared back and smiled.


"Hi." He mouthed.


"Hi." I mouthed back smiling widely. HE'S SO CUTE, BUT ALL 4 OF THE BOYS IN THE GROUP ARE! GAH!


Ashton looked in between us and frowned.


"Michael, let's go get a drink." Luke suggested smiling at me.


"HELL YEAH!" Michael yelled releasing me.


"Thanks Lucas..." I mumbled.


"You can call me Luke, y/n...Here" He said handing me a piece of paper with his number on it. "Just text." He smiled and took Michael inside.


I kept staring that way until the 'thing' in front of me cleared his throat.


"What Ashton?" I mumbled rolling my eyes walking away down the road.


"Uh- you're welcome?" He said irritated walking fast beside me.


"What do you want Irwin, you're annoying me." I groaned stopping to face him.


"Just a 'thankyou' would be nice." He smiled.


"Fine...Thankyou for bothering the hell out of me and making me realize what an asshole is." I smiled back and continued walking.


"Wow, you ARE a bitch." Ashton laughed.


"Whatever." I mumbled.


"So tell me, who put extra bitch in your bitch flakes this morning?" Ashton asked running up beside me again. We were now about a block away from his house.


"Hmmm, I don't remember." I said sarcastically.


"Dumbass." He laughed.


"EXCUSE ME?!" I stopped.


"Yeah?" He giggled.


"I have better grades than you and have had them better than yours since we were little!" I replied.


"Haha, I wish our parents weren't friends back then because now I know YOU" He said making a disgusted face.


I almost cried. I'm a big baby to a lot of things and getting mad is one. "Just leave me alone?" I asked walking away again.


He caught up and walked beside me humming a song...Of course I knew the song anywhere it was 'I miss you'-Blink-182. I loved the song but was irritated that idiots like him knew it.


I mouthed the words quietly trying not to have Ashton notice because I readlly did love the song, but of course, he did.


"You know it?" He asked smiling.


I just nodded and looked away.


"Yeah, I love Blink, big inspiration to me and my band..." He rambled on.


"Cool." I mumbled making him stop.


"Why do you fucking hate me so much, everyone LOVES me, maybe you're just doing it for the attention, but anyways it's fucking annoying." He said rolling his eyes.


I ignored him and continued walking until I reached my house.




I don't really know why I walked with her to her house...I just wanted company. Real company, I mean, I have my mates but they aren't always real with me anymore. Y/n is.


We reached her house and didn't want her to go...I DON'T LIKE HER NO! EW!.... But I just want someone real to talk to...


"You probably don't care, but I'm home and I'm leaving now..." She mumbled, bringing me out of thought.


"Oh, okay...BYE!" I smiled.


"Why are you smiling? Something's wrong, you haven't called me a bitch in the past.." She checked her phone "8Minutes...congrats!" She said sarcastically and went into her house slamming the door shut.


"Oh..." I whispered to myself.


Why did she hate me so much? I didn't do anything...I'm just better than her and she's jealous, she could just be like all the others and try to date me to be like me, that would work for her, although she is pretty low on the popular chain with Maria and I'm at the tippy-top...Oh well some people are just made dumb-asses, just ask Mikey.


That's all for now!(: I know, it was long, sorry but I wanted to be detailed ): anyways, Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all
















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