Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


4. Chapter 4

Hi (: Just read this one! PARTY TIME! (:






"I FUCKING HATE Y/N!" I screamed going into the bathroom to wash up with Calum,Michael, and Luke.


"That was pretty hilarious if I do say so myself." Michael laughed.


"SHUT UP MICHAEL!" I yelled hitting his arm while wiping my face.


"Luke, go away, I didn't invite you to my party, so why are you all up in my grill?" Calum laughed pushing him backwards.


"Dude, No, seriously, y/n looked hot swayin' her hips like that!" Michael whooped.


"UGH..." I groaned.


"YAS!" Luke joined in whooping.


"AND HER FRIEND!" Calum joined shyly.


I paused. "Maria?" I laughed.


"....Yeah..." He mumbled.


"Mate, she's coming to my party tomorrow." I wiggled my eyebrows, which was hard to do, because they were now sticky.


"Well that's good because I'm planning to make a move soon." Calum blushed but laughed it off.


"WHOO!" Michael cheered.


I was now all cleaned up and ditched the rest of school with the boys.


*The next day after school*


Tonight was the night of my party.


I skipped the whole school day with the boys to plan everything.


I set the party up at my house after I told my mum to leave for a few days.


I had 2stories in my home and every inch was decked out in streamers or confetti.


We over did it to say the least. But at least the lights will be out.


It's 7 and it starts at 9. So me and the guys headed out for McDonalds.




I had said no to Maria a thousand times and all she did was laugh, roll her eyes, and ask again.


She ended up at my house after school and leaving to go shopping and will be back at 8...I didn't even invite her but my parents didn't mind.


It turned 8 and exactly as it did I heard the front door swing open.


"I'M HERE! YOUR LIVES JUST GOT BETTER!" Maria sang slamming the door shut and meeting me in the living room. "Get up Bitch, try this dress on!" She laughed throwing a bag towards me.


"GAH OKAY! IM GOIN IM GOIN!" I laughed going towards my room.


I tried on the dress and it was perfect. The dress was a short-cut red cocktail dress with black lace over top it. And of course, Maria, being Maria, she had also bought me black lace matching under garments and black flats....Thank god she at least remembered I hate high heels.


I got all dressed and went to the living room to show her...Also thank god I shaved this morning.


"DAMN IM GOOD!" She praised herself getting up from the couch showing her in a hot pink cocktail dress with pink pumps.


"HAHA!" I laughed.


"MAKEUP TIME!" She laughed dragging me into the bathroom with her.


We both put on mascara and eyeliner on and she added some light toned pink eyeshadow to herslef as I added to myself the eyeliner wings and  we both slightly curled our hair.


We were ready to go now, but I really wasn't...I didn't wanna see Ashton. He'd make fun of me! I never wear dresses to school EVER. And he'll see me and laugh.


"LET'S GO!" Maria laughed bringing me out of my daze and grabbing me to go outside and into her black Mustang.


We drove to the destination, following the directions and jamming to one of the 'The 1975' CDs.


We pulled up by his house but had to park a little away since it was packed.


"LET'S DO THIS BUTTERCUP!" Maria yelled swiping some dark red lipstick on the both of us. "DON'T YOU DARE WIPE IT OFF Y/N OR I'LL SLAP YOUR LIPS RIGHT OFF!"


I did as I was told and stood from the car and walked with Maria to the door. I made sure to stand straight to look better like Maria always did.


"Ready?" She asked grinning evilly.


"Why not?" I answered 'smiling'.


That's all for tonight! OOPS(: Haha Anyways I'll update when I can, Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all.





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