Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


3. Chapter 3

Hey, I know I haven't updated this in a while ): sorry...haha anyways let's pick up from where we left off. (:






I walked into the cafeteria with Maria by my side reading some magazine and squealing every so often.


I wasn't 'that' hungry so I only grabbed an apple.


"Y/N?!" Maria squealed hitting my hand.


"What?" I asked annoyed rubbing my hand 'pouting'.


"They have pizza...And you got an you sick or just stupid?" She looked serious with her 'slang' of words, grabbing 3peices and putting them on her plate. "I'll get one for you, but I'm eating the other 2!" She giggled as we checked out.


We sat at our table, just the 2 of usual.


Maria was all I needed. She was the perfect friend, sometimes we'd hate each other than not even an hour later we'd have a joke or something we needed to tell the other.


"WOO-HOO!?" Maria laughed waving her hand in front of my face.


"..Sorry." I mumbled.


"PFFFT! LOOK AT THIS MANBOY!" She squealed pointing down at her magazine.


The picture, I had to agree, was a fucking hot manboy. "MMMM MATTY HEALY IS LIFFFE!" I groaned.


"....." She looked at me and I looked back.


We broke into a devilish grin and both said "DOABLE!" In sync.


We laughed until we couldn't breathe.


I took the pizza off Maria's tray and scarfed it down. It doesn't matter how full you are...It's Pizza!


"Wow...Part pig are we?" An all too familiar voice said from behind me.


I whipped my head around to see Ashton 'oinking' at me.


I got up and grabbed my bottle of chocolate milk and slowly walked over to Ashton's table of popular and beautiful boys.


Maria was screaming my name from behind me, but I just ignored her.


I walked over to Ashton and he looked up at me.


"Need me to blow your house down?" He laughed looking at the other boys as they joined in laughing.


"HAHAhaha...." I laughed sarcastically.


I smiled and poured my whole bottle of chocolate milk on Ashton's beautiful curls.


"WHAT THE FUCK?! BITCH!" He screamed standing up to 'intimidate' me.


He was pretty tall, towering over me but not too tall.


"There's your chocolate milk party." I smiled and walked away swaying my hips right out the cafeteria door after throwing away my, now empty, bottle. There were 'oohs' and 'ahhs' as I left but I just laughed. ONE POINT ME!


After a few minutes Maria was behind me huffing for air.


"I. DON'T. RUN!" She stated sternly. Her serious face didn't last long as  she instantly broke into a grin.


"Proud?" I asked flipping my hair with my hand.


"Obviously...I've taught you well, young grasshopper." She winked.


"Shut up!" I giggled.


"Man, That boy looks even hotter wet and mad." She winked.


"EWW! CAN YOU NOT?" I groaned.




"I'll admit, he's attractive-but he's a PRICK!" I made the last word louder than the rest to extend my point.


"So...You agree he's attractive?" She grinned.


"Shut up." I laughed loudly. But of course Maria's laugh shaded mine, hers being SO much louder.


"SHHHH!" A teacher said walking by quickly.


We both tried to hold in laughter, but we all know, when you can't laugh is when you REALLY want to.


"Hey...Y/n?" Maria asked quietly...She was NEVER EVER quite...What the fuck?


"Yeah?" I asked searching her face for answers.


"I got invited to Ashton Irwin's party tomorrow....It says I can bring someone...Wanna go?" She smiled a devilish grin knowing even if I said no, I'd end up being pressured into it by her mischievous ways.


That's all for now! I know it's short sorry ): I'll update when I can! (: Thankyou for reading<3 Love y'all















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