Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


23. Chapter 23

Hey Y'all xx go check out "Social Casualties" too please xx okay here we go!


Warning: cussing, feels (you're gonna hate me)


Y/n's POV


I stared at Ashton.


This is the question he wants to ask me? Of ALL questions? He chooses this one?


I stayed staring at him, until he leaned forward a little to ease me onto answering. 


"Doesn't matter, Ashton." I stated, "I was apparently too young to know what love was anyway. My mind must've been, wait how did you say it? Oh yeah- 'too mixed up' especially since ya'know... I was just a kid."


"You literally remember everything I said?" He asked, a little shocked. 


"Of course, I do." I scoffed, " I knew what the fuck love was and I knew I was in love with you." 


"You were thirteen, Y/n." He reminded, "I was in high school already, I didn't want to hear my best friend tell me she loved me."


"Yeah, well, I didn't wanna hear my best friend reject me, so I'd say we're even. Oh wait, we aren't because I still have the damn scar from falling off that tree." I hissed, moving my bangs out of the way to show a long horizontal scar across my forehead. 


He seemed speechless and slowly rose his hand.


"You didn't even have the decency to show up at the hospital." I all, but growled, "How DARE you? Do you know how many days I cried over you? How many months it took to finally talk to anyone other than my parents?"


His fingers slowly traced my scar, his face etched in regret, "I'm so so sorry." He whispered. 


I sighed, "That's all I wanted, Ashton."


"Really?" He asked, his hand slowly grazing down my face. 


"Well..." I hesitated, looking into his eyes and finally recognizing how close we were, "Why didn't you let me love you?"


Ashton's POV


I withdrew my hand, as if I was burned, but decided that I owed her an answer. 


"You were too good." I mumbled, picking at the carpet.


"Excuse me?" She asked, pushing my hand away from the ground and tipping my chin up to look her in the eyes.


"Sure, you were young, but you were also gorgeous and smart and I had no idea what to do when a girl was genuinely confessing her love to me." 


"Well, I didn't know what to do to confess my love to some high school boy and I did." She countered. 


"Exactly." I stated, "You also had so much courage, it was unbelievable." Her cheeks tinted and I gave a weak smile.


"So, you didn't let me love you, because I was perfect for you?" She asked, utterly confused.


"I didn't let you love me, because I knew I didn't deserve the amount of love you had to give." My smile faded and I stared at her lips, then back to her eyes. 


"You're an idiot." She laughed, although her eyes were watering.


"I know." I sighed, "I regretted it."


"You did?" 


"For so long." I laughed, "Why do you think I fucked so many girls? It's not like I could fuck you!"


"Why couldn't you?" She mumbled. 


"Wait, what?" I gasped, God I want to kiss her so hard right now.


Y/n's POV


I don't know why I questioned his past actions, but I did feel really vulnerable at the moment and every ounce of me really wanted to kiss him, right now. 




'Don't kiss him!' I yelled at myself.


Ashton scooted closer and we both began to slowly lean in.


"I can't kiss you." I whispered, our noses touching. 


"Why can't you?" He replied, our lips barely grazing. 




I let out a sigh of relief/disappointment and backed away. 


"Wait Y/n-" Ashton started, reaching out for my arm. 


"Hold on, it's Maria." I replied, picking up the phone. 


Apparently Maria was just checking up on me and informed me that she'd be coming over after school to watch a movie and cuddle and we soon hung up. 


I looked back over to Ashton, and he was laying on his back, staring up at the ceiling. 


"You alright?" I asked, sitting back in front of him. 


"No, not really." He laughed mockingly. 


I bit my lip and continued to pretend we never almost did what we almost did. 


"Okay, well it's my question now!" I smiled.


He sat up with a small pout and shrugged, "Okay."


"Hey, don't be like that." I chucked pushing his shoulder. 


His head snapped up with an evil grin, as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me too him.


"Ashton! What the FUCK are you doing?!" I squealed. 


His fingers quickly ran across my clothed torso and I kept squealing uncontrollably, "Just as ticklish as you used to be, huh?"


"Ashton! Let go, right now! Or I swear-!" He cut me off by flipping me, so my back was to the ground and he hovered above me.


"Say the magic words, Princess." He smugly grinned, pinning my arms above my head. 


My breath hitched, "I don't remember them!" I shouted. 


He shrugged and began tickling me again.


"WAIT WAIT!" His tickling paused, and he gave me a questioning glance, to continue, "Ash is the most bestest and most strongest of them all and he will always win!"


His face dropped and he quickly let go of my hands and sat up. 


My laughing stopped, "Those were the right words..."


"Yeah, I know." He mumbled. 


"Then what's wrong?" I asked, sitting up as well. 


"I just-" He looked me in the eyes, "You called me Ash." 


My eyes widened, "I'm so sorry, Ashton. It just slipped! I swear! It just came out because those were the exact words! I promise I won't-" 


His hand covered my mouth and a large smile replaced his stern expression, "I've missed it, way more than I thought I did."

How was this update?! I liked it a lot XD Hopefully y'all did too?? Comment what you think the future holds for them! Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all

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