Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


22. Chapter 22

Hey babes xx Guess who's backkkk ;)


Warning: feels, cussing


Y/n's P.O.V


At first, neither of us spoke.


I just played with my fingers, waiting for him to start the 'game' we had come to terms with.


Just as I was about to ask if this was rally going to happen, Ashton took a long and heavy sigh.


"Are you okay?" He asked, catching my stare.


I looked him in the eyes, staring as hard as I could. He knew the answer to this question, just like I knew his.


When I noticed he wasn't going to give up, I slowly shook my head back-and-forth. He nodded his head in understanding.


"Are you?" I asked, my voice slightly shaking.


Ashton took a seat in front of me, on the floor and looked to the ground, "Not really, no."


We were silent for a few more seconds, wondering just how far we could push our childhood friend.


"What's up with you?" I asked bluntly.


He looked curious as to what I was meaning specifically.


"In general... What's up with you?" I asked, sliding from the couch to the floor as well, so we were level.


"In all honesty, I don't really know." He seemed to think for a little longer before completing his answer, "I used to have my shit together, and ever since...ya'know... It's not really the same."


I nodded my head, knowing exactly what event he was speaking of.


"You're not alone on that one." I faked a chuckle, "It hasn't been the same without you either."


"Why?" He asked, finally looking up from the floor.


"Why what?" I sat confused.


"Why were you so in love with me then?" He prodded.


My breath hitched.

This was the event that ruined our friendship forever.




I ran up to my best friend, Ash, smiling as he handed me a grasshopper he had caught.


I was 13 and he was 15, but we had been so close and immature.


I walked with Ash, as we came across the pond we played by.


"Watch this, Y/n!" Ash said, smiling like an idiot and grabbing a tree branch, pulling himself up.


"You're gonna get hurt, Ash!" I yelled, running up behind him.


"Blah blah, stop worrying and follow me." He continued climbing, and I gave in, climbing up with him.


"Don't be scared, you're safe with me" he smiled, grabbing my hand and pulling me to sit on a strong branch with him, "See? You're okay."


I nodded, smiling, and looked over the pond.


I had loved the boy next to me for years now. However, I'd never had the courage to tell him. Until now.


"Hey Ash?" I got his attention and he turned to me smiling wide.


"What is it, sunshine?"


"I have something to tell you.." I broke eye contact with him, and stared strongly at the pond as my eyes rimmed with tears of fear.


"Hey, what's wrong? What is it?"


"I think.." I stopped, taking a big breath and looking back toward his worried eyes, "I think I'm in love with you, Ash."


His smile dropped instantly, as well, did his hand from mine.


"Ash?" I questioned, voice shaking.


"Why?" He had asked me.


I looked at him curiously.


"Why would you tell me that?" He seemed to be getting mad, his cheek turning a dark shade. "Are you stupid or something?!" He exclaimed, "You're only thirteen! You don't even know what sex is!"


"I do too!" I yelled back.


"You have no idea how you feel and of course you have to spill it all on me, huh?" He added, standing up on the branch.


"I'm telling you the truth, Ash!" I exclaimed, standing as well, "I'm in love with you! I know what I feel!"


"BULLSHIT!" He yelled, making me jump and start to lose my footing, "You're just mixed up in that head of yours! You're not even pretty! I'm in HIGH school, you're still a kid!"


I took a step back, obviously hurt from this series of rejection, "I'm not a child" I mumbled.


"Yes you are! And a stupid one at that!" He stepped closer, his finger in my face, "I have a million other girls who tell me they love me, what makes you any different?"


A tear rolled down my face. What does make me any different?


"Stop crying, for God's sakes!" He yelled, stepping even closer.


"Ash I-" I tried to explain myself.


"Don't call me 'Ash' anymore." He hissed.


I stepped forward, my arm reaching out.


And just like that, I lost my balance on the branch.

I was falling so quickly, I didn't even scream.


And when I came to, I was in the hospital with my family around me, and no Ashton.


That day, my hate for Ashton Irwin covered my love.


**flashback over***


"Why did you?" Ashton asked, breaking me out of my thoughts, "How was your love confession any different than all the others? Why did you love me?"


I swear I will be updating this story soon! I just wanted leave, yet another, cliffhanger ;))) Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all




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