Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


20. Chapter 20



Warning: cussing


Y/n's P.O.V


I used to keep my promises.


Promises were a HUGE thing to me.


Now, it felt as if every promise I made, was yet another lie building up.


I don't really know how no one notices the full extent of my 'issue', but hey, easier for me.


After my mom and dad left for work, I got back into my pajamas and laid across the couch, scrolling through my phone until I got a 'bing'.


'Maria: Where are you?'


I ignored the text, going back onto tumblr- getting another 'bing'


'Maria: Answer me please? I'm your best friend.. what's going on..?'


I sighed, clicking on the messages and responding with 'I feel ill today, staying home, we should hang out sometime soon :-)' adding the part about hanging out to throw her off.


Her reply was immediate.


'Maria: OH THANK GOD YOU'RE OKAY, I was about to go over there and punch you. Sorry you're feeling ill :-( YO, ASHTON JUST ASKED ABOUT YOU! GIRRL WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO WITH THAT BOY?'


I chuckled to myself, definitely nothing was going on between Ashton and I.


'He pissed me off, and I did the same to him. oh well, he can suck a dick for all I care.'


'Maria: Dayuum, sass master is still present. I told him you're ill and he cussed under his breath, rolled his eyes and fucking left. Mr. Popular doesn't believe the lower class.'


I rolled my eyes; 'Surprise, surprise.'


After some trash-talk with Maria about everyone she had bumped into and her complaining how she had to 'deal with the idiots alone', I drifted back into a dream-less nap.


Ashton's P.O.V


When I got to school, the bell had JUST rung.


Oh well, I'll just skip this period.


I looked around the hall, hearing laughter and saw Maria, Calum, Luke, Beverly, and Michael all crowded together.


I walked up to them, confused, and Beverly engulfed me in a hug that I didn't return.


"Where's Y/n?" I asked Maria, knowing if anyone knew- it was her.


She looked down at her phone, then at me and told me that Y/n was 'ill'.


"Bull fucking shit" I mumbled, rolling my eyes.


She wasn't 'feeling ill' last night, was she?


I turned on my heel, leaving the school I just entered and got back in my car.


I was tired of the fucking lies.


I was going to get some answers, or at least attempt to.


I know it's shortttt, I'm so sorry, but I wanted a cliffhanger ;-) Anyways, I'll definitely try to make all my updates for frequent. We just started the second term in school, so that's why things were so hectic. Anyways, if y'all even read these- I'm super sorry. Thankyou for reading so far<3 Love y'all

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