Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


2. Chapter 2

Hey, I'm back! :) I'm happy I have a lot of fans that read my stories! THANKS! Anyways back to the story :)






I woke up late for school. Eh-who cares?


I got up and took a quick shower and dressed in black skinny jeans and a Nirvana t-shirt with my black vans.

I combed out my mop of blondish brown hair and sprayed myself with cologne and left to go to school in my new car.




I got out of bed early this morning and got a long shower.


I put on black skinny jeans and my Nirvana tank top with my black converse.

I left my hair down and put on mascara and eyeliner like always, put on perfume and left to catch the bus.




I arrived at school and there was still people in the halls so I knew I wasn't too late. Or else mum would kill me...


I had to go to the stupid library this morning so I could check out a book for my science class.


I walked in and saw the librarian busy with students. I didn't know where to go...Well this is embarrassing.




I went to the library every morning for the quiet and peace to read or silently chat with Maria, and I was a morning helper...


I was sitting in the back corner talking to Maria when Ashton Irwin came into the library.


Maria had stopped mid-sentence when he had waved to her to wave back.


I gave her an evil glance.


"sorry..." She giggled.


"I'm okay with you thinking he's hot, just not around me please?" I begged and acted to throw up.


She just laughed her REALLY loud laugh which made me laugh right beside her.


"Y/n, Maria, I expect more from my best helpers, please help this young man." Ruth, the librarian, said pointing to Ashton and giggled when Maria jumped excitedly up from the ground.


"Ugh-Yes ma'am" I called out to Ruth.


"Thankyou darlings." She smiled going back to helping other kids.


"Whatchya need Ash?" Maria smiled twirling her hair.


I just stood silently by her looking down.


"I need a book for my science paper, I have you for that class right?" Ashton asked winking at Maria.


"Y-yeah, we have that class together...7th period...Y/n's also in the class with us." Maria smiled.


"Oh...yeah, guess she is..." Ashton said rolling his eyes.


"Wow! I'm so honored the famous Ashton Irwin has recognized I'm in one of the 5 classes I have with him!" I said smiling, sarcasm obvious in my voice.


"You should be.." He laughed ignoring my sarcasm.


"Anyways, let us show you where the science books are!" Maria said stopping the argument.


I lead the way since Maria doesn't even read often. She only signed up for this for us to hang out which I was happy about.


"Right here, Bye!" I pointed to a large section of books and grabbed Maria's arm and was ready to leave already.


"WAIT! HAHA..." Maria shouted laughing.


"What?" I asked looking at her seriously.


"Um....You guys are twinning...." She giggled.


I looked down at what I was wearing and looked at Ashton's attire...We're wearing the almost exact same thing.


"Ugh" Ashton and I said simultaneously rolling our eyes.


"Haha..." Maria laughed.


We went back to the counter.


*ring ring*


and the bell rang for us to go to class.


"Not funny" I whispered to Maria as we parted to go to class.


"Hilarious!" She wickedly laughed going up the stairs.




I was wearing the same thing as Y/n.....She's too much of a loser to listen to any of this kind of music.


I went to class.


The first 3classes went by quick until my classes with y/n.


I knew damn straight every class I had with her. She's easy to remember and point out. Stupid girl being a sarcastic shit without even thinking....Kind of intriguing...more of a bother though.


I sat down in 8th period in one of the only chairs left open.


*ring ring*


The tardy bell rang just as y/n walked through the door.


She handed a note to the teacher.


"Library huh?" The teacher asked eyeing her...This teacher always gives me the creeps. Staring at y/n like prey.


"Y-yes sir." She responded shyly, obviously uncomfortable.


"Mmmmm..." The teacher purred. "Sit next to Mr.Irwin please."


She let out a quiet long sigh "Yes sir..."


She sat down next to me and I smiled and she just rolled her eyes. That girl can't take anything I do, guess the feeling's mutual.


We got free time at the end of the period since it was Monday and the teachers hate Mondays.


"Hey." I said winking at y/n which made every girl in the room give y/n a death glare for getting my attention instead of them. I'm famous here and on YouTube!


"Leave me Irwin?" She groaned and went to writing something down.


"Whatchya doin'?" I asked leaning over to see her paper which was full of lyrics everywhere.


"Nothing..." She blushed shutting her binder.


"Lyrics? You in a band? Haha!" I laughed.


*ring ring*


"Next time just don't realize I'm even here, like usual..." She mumbled leaving the room after turning in an early assignment.


Why is she so stupid? 'The Ashton Irwin' talked to her today. I never forget her existence...She's always on my mind, whether good or bad, I always realize she's here...Stupid fucking annoying girl.


That's all for tonight! I'll try to update soon! Thankyou<3 Love y'all










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