Restless {Ashton Irwin}

Ashton and Y/n HATE each other, always have, since they were little:

But what will happen when they both realize that the person they least expected to care, is the only one there?

Read to find out��Thanks��


17. Chapter 17

Hey lovelies! I was supposed to go to hoco tonight but it was SUPER expensive :( but that means I get to update a really long chapter!


Warning: cussing, alcohol, and sexual mentionings


Y/n's P.O.V


It's been so long since I've had a real meal.


My stomach is constantly churning, and I have no one but myself to blame.


I read this thing yesterday on twitter that said 'Hunger Hurts, But Starving Works.' and I couldn't stop thinking about it.


Is that way those girls are so thin? They starve? Sounds right...


I've lost count of the worried expressions of Maria and the nagging of Beverly at lunch and just stick to zoning out.


"So Mikey, you're having a party tonight, right?" Bev asked, clinging onto Ashton's side- like always.


"OH YEAH!" He exclaimed, making everyone chuckle "You guys should come, it's just at my house like around 8."


"YEAH TOTALLY!" Beverly chirped "Mar and Y/n, you guys can just come to my house and get ready with me there!"


"Sounds good {feels good- omg I'm so freakin' sorry, please continue} Bev" Maria nodded, elbowing my side, when I didn't reply.


"oh yeah mhm, sounds great!" I fake chirped.


"Really Y/n? I thought you were sick or something?" Ashton asked, making the table look toward me.


"I was." I said through clenched teeth, glaring at him "But I'm fine now."


"I hope you aren't a light weight!" Luke laughed, squeezing my side.


"Yeah, there's always loads of alcohol at Mike's parties." Cal laughed.


"Of course!" Mikey smiled.


"W-what do we wear?" I asked, slightly blushing, when he gave my figure a once-over.


"Definitely something sexy!" Mikey exclaimed.


"HEY! Eyes off of her! She's mine." Luke said, hugging me closer.


"I'm not anyone's..." I sassed.


"YOU GO GIRL!" Maria chanted, as the group laughed.


"But you're mine?" Luke asked with a faltering smile.


"No." I said flatly "I'm your girlfriend, not yours." Everyone looked stunned and looked to him for a response.


"That's not what you'll be screaming tonight." Luke said with a smirk as Maria choked on her water.


"EXCUSE YOU?" She exclaimed, standing up.


"Babe, he's just joking, sit down." Cal cooed, and Maria huffed but sat down anyways.


A rush of heat rushed to my face and I felt all the air knocked out of me.


Normally girls would say this was a turn-on, and I felt bad that to me- it was disgusting... I guess I don't like the possessiveness?


Soon, lunch was over along with the rest of the classes and we hopped in Bev's car.


I quickly texted my mom that I was going to spend the night at Bev's and that I loved her, then buckled up for the quick drive.


It was mostly a quiet drive, except for the radio and Bev's attempts for small talk and soon enough, we pulled into her drive-way and walked inside.


"I have a load of dresses in my closet, as you know, haha." Beverly smiled as we dropped our school stuff on her bed and walked into her HUGE closet in a search for something to wear.


Maria smiled pulling out a gold foil mini tunic party dress and squealing as she pulled off her clothes and changed right there.


"Wow, no shame" I giggled and she wiggled the tight dress over her large bum and pulled the sleeves on, zipping it up by herself and walking to the full length mirror.


"Damn I look hot." She winked, pulling on some gold heels that she leaves at Bev's, knowing damn well, her parents would make her get rid of them.


Soon, Bev came out of the restroom with a party prerequisite black lace two-piece dress hugging her thin body and black pumps.


Beverly was the thinnest out of all of us, then Maria, them me- leaving me to sometimes not fitting in Bev's clothes, which I was CERTAINLY hoping wasn't going to happen for these dresses, since I didn't bring one.


I kept searching until Maria threw a hanger at me, making me look her way as she held up a red and black flannel dress and my eyes must've shown my admiration.


"OH YEAH! I forgot about that little number!" Beverly laughed, handing it to me, "I actually bought it for you, and forgot to give it, but yeah haha it's yours, surprise?"


I squealed and brought her into a huge, life-threatening hug and dashing to the bathroom to change- begging Beverly got my size right.


I sighed in relief as I went to button it all the way up and it looked amazing and was SUPER comfy.


Although, it did feel weird since I wasn't wearing anything but my bra and panties under it...


I but my lip and walked out as Maria ran to me telling me I looked sexy and Beverly on the floor- pretending to praise my presence.


I laughed loudly, bowing, loving my friends more than anything.


"Now... shoes?" I asked.


I was great with make up, but fashion was mostly Beverly's thing and hair was Maria's.


"Hmm.." Beverly went back in the closet and came out with my black vans that I wore to school.


"MY BABIES? I CAN WEAR THOSE??" I jumped up and down, so happy that heels were a no tonight and sliding them on my feet.


The girls and I laughed as we looked at ourselves in the mirror.


I looked like a freaking dwarf beside them- normally I was just an inch or two shorter, but with their heels, I was left around 4-6inches shorter.


"It's okay babe." Beverly laughed, patting my head as I pouted.


We all looked at Maria's phone to know the time and were shocked at the fact that it was already 7:45 and we still had hair and make up to do.



It was around 8:30 now, but we were finally ready to leave.


Beverly had French braided her short hair and did light make up, while Maria curled hers and did slightly heavy makeup.


I had put my hair in a tight bun on the top of my head, only leaving down my bangs and did slightly heavy makeup as well, seeing as I loved makeup and was too ugly to go without.


"We." Beverly started. "Look." I stated. "Hella fine." Maria finished off as we all glanced once more in the mirror.




We tried to pull into the driveway, when we showed up. Keyword- tried- but people were parked all up and down the road, making up park pretty far away and having to walk, which was fine by me, but I wasn't the one in heels..


"Ow. Ow. Ow." Bev whined loudly.


"Grow a pair." Maria barked, striding ahead of both of us.


We finally made it up to the door, only to see it was already wide open with people leaking out to party on the lawn and people squeezing inside.


We all linked hands, making sure no one would get lost, and squished inside, one-by-one until we reached- what looked like- a living room full of people rubbing against each other.


I sighed as we finally noticed the guys all hanging out in the kitchen- where it was less populated- and we all walked that way, trying not to bump into weirdos.


"Hey! You guys listened and now you look sexy as hell! You're welcome." Michael winked, sipping out of his red solo cup.


I saw each boy give us all a once-over, making me put my arms out in front of me.


"Don't hide yourself, Y/n, you look great." Ashton said, surprisingly loud, almost as if he was mad.


All of our faces dropped as every single one of us were shocked that he'd dare compliment me.


He laughed at our expressions and quickly added- "I mean, compared to the usual, this one makes you look less like trash."


My smile quickly dropped and I started to wonder if I really did look terrible every single day.


"Shut the fuck up, Ashton" Michael hissed, grabbing my waist and pulling me into his side. "She always looks damn fine and you know it."


"I agree." Luke winked, pulling me away from Michael and in front of him instead.


I felt myself blushing like never before, not meeting Ashton's pissed glance.


"So we're gonna go upstairs." Calum announced, grabbing Maria's arm and walking away as we hooted.


Ashton's P.O.V


The moment I saw Y/n enter the kitchen, my skinny jeans started to get a little too tight for me.


When we checked the girls out though- Y/n covered herself and it fucking pissed me off, so she should be glad I complimented her instead of taking her upstairs myself to fucking- wait what?


I felt my whole body heat up and seeing Luke holding her hips wasn't helping whatsoever.


Michael had already left, seeing a hot redhead and persuading her to grind with him, leaving me all alone with these two "love-birds".


I just hope Luke doesn't get too caught up in his little lie to trick Y/n and hurt her forever- wait fuck what? I don't fucking care if she's broken or not! I think I must be tipsy.


"BODY SHOTS!" Someone screamed and my eyes lit up, thank god, just what I needed! More alcohol and shirtless girls!


One-by-one girls took turns laying on the table with salt on their stomachs, a shot balanced on their chest and limes in their mouths as guys took turns licking and drinking.


After a load of girls, we ran out of volunteers and the crowd started to 'boo'


"You should go." I heard Luke shout to Y/n even though she was right in front of him.


Her eyes widened as she vigorously shook her head no, but Luke didn't stop grinning.


"Please Luke, I'm begging, I don't want to do this." She whimpered.


I looked to Luke, making eye-contact and noticing that he was drunk and he usually got stupid, when he is.


"But baaabe," He whined, grinding into her back, "It'd be super hot."


Her face reddened by his actions and she pleaded once more for him to not 'make her'.


"Just do it, Y/n." He sorta shouted, "it's not that hard, Jesus. It's not my fault you're a fucking prude." He turned around and walked away to the circle, leaving Y/n there, looking at the floor.


I didn't want to say anything- mostly because I didn't know what to say- but I felt guilty as she clenched her fists, showing she was having some kind of internal battle with herself.


"WOO!" Someone screamed, making both our heads shoot up to the noise and seeing Luke standing up with a lime in his mouth and a girl sucking on his neck.


Hey guys, this chapter was really long XD so I'll finish the party and stuff in the next chapter! Oops? Did y'all like this chapter? Comment your thoughts! Thank you for reading so far <3 Love y'all


















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